Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Greta 11 months

It's probably a good thing this is the second to last post of our monthly things because I can't seem to keep up these days. But at least we've got some cute pictures documented! Some of the notes I took for her 11 month mark included loves. Oh man. She is the most cuddly thing. If you ask for a love she puts her head on your shoulder. Often she pats your back. I love getting her out of bed in the mornings because she does that when you pick her up almost every time - pats your back with and or without a nice cuddle. Melts me. She has started to get more picky with food. She loves blueberries and graham crackers. She will still surprise me like the other day she went to town on some hummus. Speaking of food I don't think I mentioned that I stopped nursing her. That was probably towards the end of 10 months. It really had been a battle to make milk and we were using a lot of formula anyway because of seriously decreased supply. Towards the end of December we completely went to formula and it was fine. She didn't even seem to miss nursing. I was lucky that both kids took a bottle so well and transitioned so well from nursing to solely bottles.

She's stood up on her own but only a few times and only for a few seconds. She loves the water and baths. And she loves her brother. I don't know if I've already mentioned that in previous posts but it's true. It's so fun when they get giggling. Chasing each other, him playing peek a boo behind her high chair, etc etc. It's awesome.

Little bit more hair to play with :) And it seems like towards the end of the month we were seeing much less facial bruising. I just love those big round eyes though!

Harvey is the best big brother. He is always worried she'll fall down the stairs. If I run downstairs for something real quick, and she gets close to the stairs he either yells for me or cries - usually it's a combo of screaming at me and crying because he's so worried. Here he is barricading the area with all her toys.
Really great laundry "helper"!
My dad took them on a date to the aquarium when he babysat once while I was in Williston. They both had a great time.

She still is a really really good sleeper. My only complaint is she starts the morning WAY too early! Oh well - she's as sweet as pie. The worst part about us having all our doors on now is that I don't really go in her room to check out her great sleeping positions anymore after work. I tried a few times and usually she'd wake up a little. Bummer. These are about the last of the precious ones I have - although they are all out of order, don't mind that.

She has her tongue sticking out about 80% of the time. It's so funny.

LOVES her bottle! We get milk bottles when we wake up and before her afternoon nap and before bed.
A rare and glorious moment of falling asleep at church. I thought 9 would be easier than 1 but I'm pretty sure it's much harder.

 Not the best friends we are hoping for yet, but there are plenty of moments of adorable cousin time.

Giving a love

I really wish I could make time stand still. She could not be a happier, sweeter thing. She is the best.