Sunday, February 12, 2017

Harvey is 3!

Breakfast in bed! That's been a tradition in our family for as long as I can remember and it was so fun to do it with Harvey. He thought it was pretty cool, especially because he got to watch Paw Patrol! This birthday was a BLAST. For us and hopefully for Harvey too. He new his birthday was coming up. He mentioned lots of times he was ready for his party. He new what day his birthday was and that he was going to be 3. I have to document this too even though it's kind of...creepy, maybe? Ha. The first time I asked Harvey what he wanted to do for his birthday, he thought about it for a few minutes and then said "kill bad guys". Yikes. And that was kind of the leading thing for awhile. I mentioned a lot of options like swimming and the aquarium and then mentioned the Gateway museum, where he had been before and I reminded him that's where he did the pretend shopping. That was the winner. Then he hung on to that and kept talking about wanting to go shopping for his birthday. It was SO cute when we got there. He got SOO excited just walking into the doors, knowing we were there. Jumping up and down with his hands up and squealing. No wonder kids are spoiled - there isn't much better than seeing them excited and happy about anything really. We all had a blast there. My parents, Kathryn and Ben and Julie and kids and Carson and Nat came.

For as excited as he was about the shopping, he probably spent the least amount of time here.
He was really cute here. He acted as foreman for the bigger kids that were raising the blocks and lowering the crane again. He'd wave his arm around saying "bring it down, down, down" or "up, up, up" and the older boys were pretty nice and let him help load up.

Then we headed back to our place for pizza, cake and presents. He wasn't too particular about what kind of cake he wanted either. So I did funfetti and blue frosting. He LOVES blue. It was quite unnatural and super staining but he loved the cake and especially the paw patrol candles.

He was pretty darn adorable with the presents too. So excited about them all. "What's in there!?" "WOW! This is AWESOME!" So much fun. And he got crazy spoiled.

I sure do love this picture.
The loot.
Ugly mom picture but I realized I didn't get any pics of me with my birthday boy. 

Pretty excited about his Paw Patrol jams!
Just some after photos the next day playing with playdough cause they are cute. And I had to let go of the little OCD that I have when we made it all of 10 minutes before he started mixing colors.
Harvey is such a fun kid. He's got some serious sense of humor. I didn't do a birthday interview like I had wanted but I might still and just add it later. But some of his favorites are: Blue. Mellow cereal. Paw Patrol (and Super Wings and Blaze and the Monster Machines), watching Too tube. He loves legos and cars and monster trucks and is getting pretty into dinosaurs. He can easily count to 5 and pretty well count to 10. He can recognize all his numbers. He knows almost all of the alphabet but won't say it in order or learn the song with me. He talks like crazy. He has a pretty silly gibberish talk that he does sometimes. Sometimes funny, sometimes annoying - especially when he does it when you are asking him to do something he doesn't really want to. He's potty trained but doesn't like to go poop. Usually if he says specifically that he doesn't need to poop, he DEFINITELY needs to poop. He can undress himself but not dress. One of my favorite things he does - which he's done for awhile, is putting his hands on his hips, talking with his hands and crossing one leg and putting it on the other while standing and leaning with one arm against furniture, appliances or walls. I need to get a good picture of this because it's so awesome. Geez there's about a million things I could say about him. Luckily I still try to be good about documenting his likes and the funny things he says, which are many. Despite him being an emotional time bomb with multiple meltdowns a day and LOTS of whining and sometimes meltdowns that last an hour or more (this is EXTREMELY challenging and patient testing for me), he is a sweetheart. He says "sorry mom you got hurt", when I say ow about something. He says "sorry for messing you up" when he's been naughty and he knows it. He worries about Greta. He gives great loves. He gets concerned when other people are sad or crying. He's got a huge heart and a great laugh and is an enormous joy to be around. Happy birthday, Harvster! We love you the most.