Friday, December 30, 2016

Greta 9 and 10 months

Oops - I'm a little behind in blogging. Moving and having a super crappy and only sometimes functioning computer has put a damper on staying up to date on blogging. So I'm just going to combine a bunch of pictures and try to remember the big things of each month :)

She turned 9 months on November 29. Really no rhyme or reason to the pictures. Just randoms over the month. This month she learned so many things and is just so much fun. She can clap! She dances to music. Harvey didn't really ever do that as a baby (will more now ) so it's fun! She also learned to crawl two days before her month birthday! She has been pushing herself up on hands and feet and knees for awhile and then all of a sudden she just made a break for it. It was awesome and so spazzy at first. But it didn't take her long to master it. There's a couple videos after these pics you can enjoy.

She has a great big brother that loves to play with her and they both will giggle and giggle at each other. It's great. 

 She did not like this thing at first but then hung out in it for a long time the next few times. Haven't tried it in a while now though.

This was so funny. Harvey stayed tucked in the corner and she would poke her head around at him and he would start DYING laughing. Like gut laughing, tears, everything. It was hilarious. They did it so many times in a row. I got a video but not till the end so it didn't capture it to it's fullest awesomeness.
 Just like brother she LOVES the water. So excited to take them both to Cherry Hill next summer!

 COUSINS! Laura started babysitting for us in November and it's been awesome. This is not at our house, but the point is they see a lot of each other and I hope they are the best of friends. Apparently Greta is a little bit sassy and or snotty to him but she'll figure it out. They were both pretty grumpy in these pics actually but we were going for size comparisons. They are almost exactly 3 months apart.

 The joys of babies. Sorry... This was particularly nice to walk upstairs to 10 minutes before we needed to leave for church.
 Oh and the sleep. Glorious sleep. Since we've gotten into our house and more settled and she's got the stability of her own bed and room again - she has nestled right down into a glorious sleeper. She doesn't always take the best of naps but she mostly goes down SO easily for naps and at night and sleeps through the night. My only complaint is she wakes up way too early. She has some crazy sleep positions like her brother and I love peeking in on both of them when I get home late from work.

10 month birthday!

AND then she turned 10 months a couple of days ago. Also a fun month of lots of developments and fun. She's got the cheesiest little scrunchy grin and I just love it. She makes the funniest laughing sounds and a lot of times it's loud and like a sucking in noise and she's done it during prayers at church a lot.  Like LOUD. I have yet to capture it on video but I hope I can soon before she stops doing it because it's so funny.
She's gotten 3 new teeth this last month. The top two and one to the right of her bottom two. That was about 12/17 when I noticed all of those. On December 15 she pulled herself up to standing all by herself and has just gotten better and stronger at that too. On my birthday she went up a step, onto a platform all by herself.  She also learned to wave. She opens and closes her hands and it's really cute but she mostly won't do it on command. Weird, huh?  And her forehead is an art canvas with constant shades of blue, green and yellow. I seriously don't remember Harvey getting this many bumps and bruises but she certainly is making up for it. Poor little thing.
Another thing she does that's really cute lately is that she'll crawl up to me fast and lay her head down on my leg or body or whatever. Then a couple seconds later look up at me and smile or giggle. She does it kind of  lot but it never lasts very long but it's super cute.
Ok - here's some random pictures.
This was at the Layton Hill's Mall playground. Holy smokes she LOVED this slide. I should have waited awhile before I let her try it because all she wanted to do was jump out of my arms and fling herself down the slide. Goof. I have a pretty good idea of what she's getting for her birthday. 
 She's a spaz. Haha. She can make the funniest faces. She belongs to the Stoddard clan :)

 More cute eating photo shoots...because why not?

 Bruises :(


 And since Laura is her babysitter she easily doubles as her hairstylist. So she's been trying some fun pony's. This was her very first ponytail. Amazing ;)
 And then her first pigtails :)
 And great bed head. Haha.

One of my favorite pics of all time.

Playing with brother. I love it when they do this!

Zoom in on that face. It's CLASSIC.
 Cold winter walk while Harvey rode his bike. She was happy.

 Oh she's got some serious personality, sass and sweet and she makes my heart feel like it's going to explode.