Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day

Another year has passed and another Wilding Family Reunion up City Creek Canyon came and went. It was total perfection (minus having to leave early for work and not having Tanner there - he was at the Indy 500 again). The weather was amazing. Seeing cousins and aunts and uncles was great. I love that canyon. Kids had a great time. IT was just another fabulous day. With lots of pictures to help us remember the day, of course :)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Park City

This is going to be picture overload too, and I think I just want to do them all in one post so sorry. My grandparents have a condo up in Park City that we used to go to all the time when we were younger. I didn't realize they still had it and long story short, I had a week off work, and didn't think we'd have another chance this year, and my dad said I could book it. Laura and Dallin spent the first few days up there and I crossed over with Laura for a couple of days and then we had a couple days by ourselves. Tanner was gone for the weekend we were up there so we didn't see him for a week but it was really fun to have a change of scenery and activities for a few days. Still plenty of work with the kids but it was so much fun. The weather wasn't the BEST but it was still great. And mostly we went to parks and swam and watched movies. Which was really great for all of us!

Day one for us was Tuesday. My mom came up and spent the day too. Awesome park in downtown, afternoon naps and swimming, bbq out on the patio, movie and ice cream and jumping on the bed :) In one studio room with a pull out bed and a queen and 3 little kids and 2 mom's, sleeping was a little interesting but I think they did better than I was expecting!

Day 2 - Laura was still up there for the day so we went for a walk along part of the rail trail that was right next to the condo we were staying at, which was Park Plaza - don't think I mentioned that yet. It was beautiful. We ended up at a park which was fun but not as awesome as the one we went to the day before. Still had fun though. There was more swimming and trying to nap and hanging out. I think we watched a moved down in the theater room while G napped. We had Hawaiian haystacks together and then they ended up heading home. Sad day.

Day 3 - We were solo today. It was a little colder today but I thought it might be a good idea to venture out for a walk. It was actually really pretty but the kids were really struggling so it didn't last as long as I'd like. We did have some fun feeding some ducks though! We did naps and such in the afternoon and then explored another park, which was actually a pretty fun one too!

Day 4 - We went and checked out the Olympic Park this morning. It was pretty cool. We were up in Park City a little sooner than most things were really getting going for summer. I wanted to do some hiking but the lifts weren't open quite yet and I think they may have just opened the stuff at the Olympic Park that day but it was actually a really cold morning and so we just wandered around the museum. Which was still plenty entertaining.

 My dad got back from Germany that Friday and my parents watched my brother's kids that weekend so they actually ended up coming up for dinner and swimming and a movie. It was really fun. I wish they could have been up longer but it was fun having them play and Harvey loves cousins!

Such a fun little escape from reality. Next time it will be more fun with Dad!