Friday, March 20, 2015

A happy day

I just felt the need to blog about today. Two reasons really; one - it was just a great day. Nothing super out of the ordinary, but Harvey was just SOOO good and fun and happy and funny that my heart is just spilling with joy and love. That sounds so cheesy. Sorry. It's just true. I love him so much and love being a mom so much. And today was just one of those great mom days. The other reason I must blog is because I took like a million pics and video and want to post them. So there :)

He slept in till 8, which has happened twice in his life, so that was a great start to the day. He was very self sufficient all day, just entertaining himself. One of his favorite games is throwing things into the garbage can. He really is obsessed with garbage cans. He says "ckkuuu" like rolled at the back of his throat, all the time. He points out garbage cans every where we go. He loves throwing his diapers in the garbage after I change him. It's weird. Funny, but weird. Gotta watch that kid or who knows what we'll end up really throwing away!
My visiting teachers came over today and that was a wonderful visit. I love them. And they both brought kids and Harvey was in heaven just running around and playing. He took an awesome nap after they left.
He woke up happy and ate lunch like a champ. Then we went to the park. I actually ran, which hasn't happened in awhile, which made me feel pretty happy. And then we played at the park. (Here come the pics).

At first he was struggling a little bit walking around. He kept falling. And when he first tried to walk down or up the ramp he couldn't quite get it. But after a few minutes, he was CRUISING around like nobody's business. And he was loving it.

He means business when it comes to steering wheels
We had the whole park to ourselves which was great. We just wandered around wherever he wanted to go. We ended up at the sand box. He thought walking around on that was pretty cool. And then he reached down and touched some and it was over. It was his first time discovering sand and it was awesome. He loved it.

We came home and he was still awesome. He just walked around giggling and playing. He had a little ping pong ball that I put in my mouth and spit out at him and he thought it was HILARIOUS. Something about balls getting hit or thrown or spit in his direction... Oh boy. He was laughing his head off and I did it about 15 times. Best sound in the world!

We took Gus to a guy who trains dogs to hunt pheasants so Rozzi is a lone doggie again. He will be gone about 3 months Roz seems a little bummed. Harv likes to try and cheer her up :)
And I made a new homemade pizza tonight that knocked it out of the park. Oh man it was so good. Tanner was teasing me that I take pictures of food. Ya - maybe it's dumb but man I love food. So when it's awesome, I like to document it. I thought this pizza was definitely picture worthy.
Roasted veggies layered with mozarella and topped with dollops of ricotta cheese. Oh. My. Gosh. Heaven :)
Tanner left after dinner to catch his flight to Phoenix for a week with his brother. Golfing, baseball, sunshine. I'm jealous, but super excited for him! It will be great. So Harvey and I just played a little bit more in his room. And again - so happy and good and funny and awesome. I wish I could record every second (or almost every second) of his life. He is so entertaining and cute :)

 This kid loves his books! He will pull out book after book and sit and flip through the pages. Obviously from the pics he pulls out plenty of other things too. Little tornado. And after playtime, he asked for his puppy and pointed to his bed. So we went and brushed his teeth (which he loves) and got his bottle and he went to bed like an angel. He is the most precious thing. Feeling so grateful right now! I love days like this. And we love our little Harv!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Erin Go Bragh

I really don't know that much about Ireland or this holiday. Every year I refresh my memory of why it is celebrated, etc, but then I always forget. But it doesn't stop me from really liking it. I think it's fun. And I love green. Our 3rd St. Patrick's Day in North Dakota we kept with tradition and spent it with the McBride's. Their oldest son had a band concert tonight so we celebrated with them last night. During the day when I was preparing things and just hanging out with Harvey, he decided he was ready to walk for real. He was going ALL over the place. Since then he only crawls if he is too lazy to stand up on his own and then just crawls to the nearest place to pull himself up. He has stood up on his own quite a few times though. Aaaggh! I can't believe he's a little man walking around. He takes the cutest little steps.

Nikki had the house decorated so cute. She made an AMAZING stew and ceasar salad and I made some irish soda bread and deviled (avocado) eggs and a green velvet cake with cheesecake middle. It was a wonderfully delicious feast!

It was way past Harvey's bedtime when we finally made it home (only 9 but that's LATE for my 6:30pm baby). He crashed pretty quick and I couldn't help but flash a picture. He has been loving the little cream puppy for awhile. But just recently in the last few days he's been needing both right next to him when he goes to sleep. I love it.
When he woke up he got his present from the leprechaun and we had spinach pancakes (they actually tasted quite awesome and since we overdosed on green food coloring the night before with the cake, it was nice to have a natural green color. Beautiful).

 My attempts at some clovers...(the round ones were not attempts, just fyi).
Just being cute
Then we went to the pool. Man he loves that place. He actually did pretty good walking around in some deeper water. Still plenty of crawling though here. His suit did have green on it, lucky for us ;)
I stopped at by at work in all my green glory to sign my new contract (YAY for raises!!!)
Can one really have too much green??? I think not. We did try to go to the church to practice a song I'm contemplating playing in the ward talent show. Harv did not cooperate. For all the fun we had, he actually was a huge pill today. Very short fuse and lots of dramatic melt downs when things didn't go perfectly his way. Suppose the 6:30 bedtime is a good thing. We had corned beef and cabbage for dinner and clover cookies for dessert. And I even had a leprechaun visit! (Tanner accidentally got his present early because it came while I was at work and I forgot to tell him to not look or open...he got a porsche lego set).
 Until next year, St. Pat!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day trippin'

It's been awhile since we've gone to Minot. Tanner learned of an outdoor show he wanted to check out, the weather was gonna be nice, I was off work, we needed wipes, etc, and really we wouldn't have even needed those reasons. It's nice to get outta town once and awhile. Harvey was a trooper. It was his first long trip in his new car seat. 
First stop was the outdoor show. Tanner may or may not have had some intestinal troubles and while in the bathroom someone may or may not have asked him if he was okay through the stalls. I was dying when he told me that.  We wandered around for a couple hours. Harv (and dad) got the biggest smile on his face when we set him on a little dirt bike with training wheels. 
He looks like a natural huh? After the show we went to lunch at a newish restaurant for us (Tanner tried it and loved it while in Minot for work a little while ago). It's called The Starving Rooster. It was a cool little place and the food was awesome. Harvey got a little sick of being there before we were done though :)

Then we went to the park. It's a cool park with a pretty trail system. There were tons of kids at the playground. I was hoping Harvey would drink a bottle and sleep for a bit while we walked. But he didn't. He wasn't as big a fan of nature. 
We did get a little play time in too.
Then off to the mall. Not a trip to Minot without stopping at the mall. Old navy, Barnes and Noble, Scheel's, Target and Coldstone (ice cream on pi day). We scored a free bus stroller for Harv which was awesome because he was tired and there's nothing like a good steering wheel to keep that kid happy forever. 
Harv got some new clothes. And so did I! And Tanner got something he's been dreaming about and researching and planning and wanting for years...
Happy boy!! 
The drive back was kind of eventful. I gave Harvey a bottle hoping he'd drink and fall asleep. Well he somehow poked in the nipple so all the milk poured out on him and in his car seat. He was soaked and there was a lot of things covered in milk. Then he pooped so we stopped in Stanley to change him. There wasn't a changing table in the girls bathroom so I started undressing him while waiting for Tanner. Long story short - he had poop coming out his diaper and I didn't realize it and so it got all over my pants and shirt. And so I went in the men's room with Tanner to try and get him and myself cleaned up. So gross. He lost a onesie there and I just smelled poop the whole way home. Good times had by all. For real, though. It was such a fun day!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week with the Colton's

Harvey's regular babysitters that we love went to Minneapolis for spring break and I worked the whole week. So my friend Stephanie was willing to keep him for the whole week! She was awesome and sent a few pics during the week. He had a great time! It's always so hard leaving him but I feel so blessed we have good people to watch him and love him!
It makes me so happy hearing all the details and getting pics throughout the day.
Also - one Saturday while I was working Harv went to his first bachelor party with dad. It was more a gun shooting hang out thing with some guys from Tanners work. He sent me these awesome pictures. 
(The guy above is Jon, the wedded one to be)
Harv is such a trooper! Love his guys :)