Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sicky pants

We had kind of a rough week with Harvey. Tuesday after Tanner picked him up from the babysitter, he was super grumpy. Crying and crying and wanting a bottle. We had taken it away from him
Sunday but he was pretty inconsolable so Tanner pulled him one out. He had an awful night that night. I slept with him in the other room and was up all night with him. Just fussy and tossing and turning and not good at all. When he woke up he had a runny nose and cough. He did okay throughout the day. Just kind of needy and cuddly. 
That night I wondered if he maybe had croup because his cough was kind of barky. And when I put him down he sounded a tiny bit wheezy but I didn't think much of it. He had a fever so we dosed him up and I told Tanner I expected it to be a rough night. Well he did indeed wake up a little before 3. I went and got him and he was pretty toasty so I gave him some Tylenol and sat on the lazy boy with him. He just held on tight to me and I noticed he was breathing SOOO fast. Like not good fast. I thought I'd give him a little while and see if he calmed down at all. He wasn't and I was starting to wonder if he needed to go to the hospital. We kind of make fun of moms that bring their kids in to the ER in the middle of the night for fevers and colds. I didn't want to be the mom that brought him in for nothing but I was kind of stressing. I gave myself a time limit if he was still the same I'd take him. He never changed and so I went and woke up Tanner and told him what I was thinking. He decided to come with me. I initially thought we'd just go in, I'd get my stethoscope and listen to him, check his oxygen and be reassured and go home. Well, he was pretty wheezy and his sats were in the 80s. So we called to wake up the doc and checked him in and began that whole process. 
He was on blow by oxygen for awhile and got 3 breathing treatments in the ED. His sats got a lot better but he was still breathing so hard. They did a chest X-ray and checked for RSV. Both negative.  The doctor working thought we should stay in the hospital mostly just to monitor him for awhile. I sure didn't want to but I've admitted tons of kids like Harv and I don't like being the doc for my own kid and family, so we agreed. He had to get some blood drawn which was traumatizing to everyone. 
It took us forever to get down to the room so we just tried to rest as much as possible. 
Just FYI, Tanner didn't request the wheelchair. They practically force you to take one down to your room. We got to his room and he got a dose of steroids. He kind of perked up a little after sleeping a bit.
It was like he wanted to be happy and play so bad but was just so tired and worn out and didn't feel good. He got another breathing treatment of a different med and the doctor thought we might need to stay another night. Ugh. He did finally fall asleep later that afternoon and I put him in the jail crib they had in the room and was so excited to take a nap. Tanner went home to rest and I fell asleep. 
Only to be woken up about 20 minutes later. Ugh. He was not a fan of his room after that. The only way he was happy was if I was holding him walking around the hospital. And his 23 pounds wore on my body quickly. But every time I tried to go sit on the bed he'd freak out. This went on about 3 hrs. My nerves were just shot. No sleep for a couple nights wasn't good for the whole situation. I knew it wasn't a life threatening thing but I felt so bad for him. And it sucked being in the hospital with him. I was more than ready for Tanner to get back and help.
He finally fell asleep and then not 20 minutes later they came in wanting to give him a shot of steroids. Even though his sats were good, his rate and effort of breathing were still not improving. So another shot and I had a minor meltdown. Tanner took another turn and then we got him to sleep again when he woke up he did seem a lot better. He seemed to be breathing a bit more normally. And he was a lot happier and more perky. And even learned he loves vanilla pudding. 
I kept telling the nurses we needed to leave. There was no way we were all were going to survive another night. It took awhile and some convincing, but we finally got discharged about 6:30 Thursday night. He miraculously (thanks to lots of prayers, I'm sure) slept much better that night and seemed to breathe normally throughout the night. We had an appointment with his pediatrician the next morning and he said he was still wheezing pretty bad. So he got another breathing treatment there and got a scrip for a nebulizer at home. (I think he lost a couple pounds this last week. He got weighed Tuesday when Tanner came to visit and was 25 pounds. 24 pounds in the hospital and then 23 pounds at the doctor visit. He's 13% for weight and at 32 inches he's 36% for height.)
We've only had to use the nebulizer 3 times since we got it, thankfully. And besides a still pretty snotty nose and gunky cough, he is back to his old self and we couldn't be happier. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Tanner texted me a few weeks ago saying he saw a sign that Mat Kearny was going to be in town. I almost couldn't believe it for two reasons. One - Mat Kearny is famous. And we live in Williston. Those two things don't mix. And two - I REALLY like Mat. Such good music. Couldn't believe our good luck! We bought tickets pretty early and awaited our date night (Aug 15).
We got our babysitter but were running a titch late and I was all nervous we wouldn't find a parking spot or get good seats or standing spots. The concert started at 7 and we got there at about 6:15 ish. There weren't very many cars parked around the venue which we thought was weird. We ate taco in a bag before heading in. And when we walked in this is what we saw...
No joke. That place could have held well over a couple thousand and honestly, the whole night I don't think there were more than 200 people. I was sorely disappointed in Williston. And felt really bad for the bands. We watched the first girl, Sonia Leigh from the side. She was really good! After that we decided to take our place on the floor - very front and center. There were 4 other bands. The Classic Crime, sweet rock band that I really liked. The Delta Saints, a rock/bluegrass/country type group that I enjoyed just cause of the live-ness of it.  Then Parachute - another famous band that was funny and made jokes about the bleakness of the crowd. Really liked them live!
Then Mat Kearny came on. Oh blessed day. It was soooo good. I love his music and I loved his stage presence or whatever. He was funny and joking with the crowd and about how many trucks he saw here. He said he'd never seen so many Ford F150 trucks in his life. He asked the crowd how many people had a Ford truck and Tanner was one that raised his hand and he asked him if it was an F150. T said yes and he asked what color. He then told Tanner he was lame because it wasn't white like everyone else.
During one of his songs he jumped down and was running around the tiny crowd and letting people high five him and take pictures with him. He also took people's phones while he was on stage and videoed him singing in their camera. Before he hopped back up he ran up to Tanner and was like, come on man, so Tanner fumbled getting his camera off video and I was watching and then realized I should hop in the pic too, duh!! I'm mostly just a shiny ball but you can sorta tell I'm there. 
So rad. The whole thing was awesome. He was definitely the highlight and unfortunately got us and our babysitter home PRETTY late. My feet were killing me from standing all night. But dancing and yelling to fun live music and being with Tanner for it all was just SO worth it. I felt younger than I am and sometimes that's nice too :) A perfect evening for sure!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

18 months

That title is just a sneaky way to say a lot of random pictures of the last couple months are coming your way :) Harvey turned 18 months on August 11. He is such a fun kid. We've been taking him to nursery for a little over a month now. He does fine if we sneak out but usually about a half hour before church gets over he gets brought to one of us cause he is just too sad. Hopefully he learns to like staying there the whole time and makes some friends!
He still doesn't talk a whole lot but has a lot of partial syllable words that most of the time I know what he's trying to say. He jabbers like crazy and I think I can't wait for when I understand what he's saying. Some of his new words are bobcat (bob), bulldozer (bull), boat (bo), ball (ba),baseball (bay-ba), golf, (kind of sounds like ball maybe?), ice, exercise, medicine, mouse, Jesus (all sound like sss), popcorn is the cutest   thing he says! He does the signs for "popcorn popping on the apricot tree" and repeats "pop, pop". Kills me. He makes a really cute noise for train. And he hits his hands on his chest when I ask him what the gorilla does. He does a snake sound and a cow. I know there's a lot more words he is saying but I'm struggling right now. It's late :)  I think the talking and communication seems to be the biggest change and development lately.  I feel right now that I am going to enjoy his non stop talking. We'll see :) He's got a such a cute little voice, though, so I don't know how I could not!
He has been folding his arms for prayers for awhile, but he still doesn't last more than 10-15 seconds into a prayer...most of the time. He is getting some "stink" in him. Throws fits and throws himself on the ground when things (mostly ridiculous) don't go his way. Seems like he's embracing the toddler expectations perfectly. It's a little more funny to me than it should be at times. And sometimes it's just plain frustrating or annoying. His sweetness and laugh and smile more than compensate for his difficult moments, though!
He's really in love with construction trucks and cars. He's been having fun with blocks and legos more lately. He loves the broom and mop and "cleaning" my floors for me. So nice :) Still loves any type of ball. He's getting pretty good at throwing them, swinging a bat and swinging his golf club. Oh, and he loves guns. Like a lot. I brought a couple nerf guns home from work (a doctor had them for awhile there just to mess with people) and he latched on to those like crazy. He has picked up sticks at the park and made his shooting sound and actions. He has also done that with pancake pieces that resembled a gun and bath toys he hooked together and some other magnet toys he has at church that he rotated to kind of look like a gun. Hope it's just the boy in him and not something I should be concerned about ;)  He likes to be sung to and still loves looking at books. He likes to tickle by squeezing my collar bone. Mostly it just hurts but he thinks it's funny so I laugh :) He has figured out he LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He requests to watch it at least once a day.  I usually concede once a day too. He loves to be outside and likes going for walks and loves the park and sand box. Loves popcorn too :)
Who needs clothes to golf?!
 I could look at pictures of him sleeping all day long :)
I bought a $10 pool at tractor supply and we had some fun with that. Mostly he just liked the hose.
 There was a bobcat down the road that was digging up a yard for a bigger driveway and he would get the dirt and drive by our house to dump it down the street a little bit. Harvey sat and watched him forever. And every time the guy drove by he'd honk and laugh and wave. It was pretty funny. Loves his bobcats. He points those out like he used to point out garbage cans. They're a little less numerous up here but we still see quite a bit! (He has lightened up on the obsession for garbage cans - still is great about throwing stuff away for us though!)


 We have park days quite often. I surprisingly DON'T take pictures every time we go. But a lot ;) We tried the splash pad again and there wasn't any big kids but a couple other about his size and he got a little more daring with it.

He found a mud puddle and had some fun splashing in that!

We took a trip out to Minot one day for a Ward conference. We had a picnic on the lawn before making the drive back. I just love these pictures.

We got to babysit our friend Ammon one day. He did pretty good with him. We don't get to hang out too often with kids younger than him so it was good for all of us.

One Saturday we had gone to Minot for a parade that was kicking off the fair. It was Harvey's first parade and he quickly learned the throwing candy thing was a pretty sweet gig. He didn't like the dressed up characters. When he saw them coming he'd back up into me and hold on really tight and then as soon as they passed, he'd start waving. It was funny. We would have stayed longer but it felt like the windiest day of the year and so much sand was blowing around and it was pretty annoying. Still fun.  Experiencing anything with Harvey is fun :)

Love this little profile smile!

And here are some other just random things.


Playin' hot wheels. Can never have too many.

Learning the big wooden thing in our living room actually plays music! He loved it.
Checking out the new Sportsman's Warehouse in town
Not sharing popcorn
Okay, you can have some...
Good girl.
This kid is a riot. Man he's so much fun. He makes us laugh on a daily basis. He understands so much and seems to be developing a very entertaining sense of humor. He is awesome at giving "loves" and kisses and will blow kisses and wave to everyone. He is so fun to hang out with. I just love these moments with him, but also miss the days that pass, and then get so excited to see what tomorrow  will bring with him!