Thursday, June 30, 2016

5 years of matrimony bliss

Tanner likes to joke each anniversary about how it's ONLY been x number of years, because it feels so much longer. Haha. He's so funny. It is quite opposite to me.  5 years seems like a significant amount of time and years and it is CRAZY to me that it has been that long because it really feels like a lot less! It has been a great adventure being married to Tanner! He is a wonderful person, husband and daddy and I love being his partner in life. He keeps my crazy in check and keeps life fun and entertaining and interesting :)  Can't wait to make many more milestones and memories in life and marriage with him!
We had SUCH a fun date that evening. We went to a Utah Symphony performance at the Ashton Garden's at Thanksgiving Point. We stopped and got sushi on the way, laid out the blanket, ate our food and played some games before the show started. Tanner had the most incredible 10,000 comeback ever. EVER. I was up by like 6,000 and he came back and beat me in one roll (went around the corner like 4 times). It was amazing and equally maddening! He has some crazy good game skills and luck.

 The symphony was awesome. A guy by the name of Michael Murphy sang with them. His style was like old school, cowboy country and it was really good. So much fun.  They even had a really decent firework show after. Such a perfect night with my love!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Greta = 4 months

This little marshmallow is already 4 months. She is the cutest, squishiest, happy thing! She has been sleeping really good and has started to really grab at things - not the best at holding on to them for long periods of time but still pretty good. The biggest thing that happened this month is she giggled for the first time. My dad got her to do it be tickling her ribs with his face/nose :) It's not very consistent yet but I did hear it once and can't wait for that sound to grace us more frequently! Baby laughs are the happiest sounds in the world! The giggles and the talking are still going on and we LOVE it. She's too precious.
She's a champ at tummy time.

Cutest little feet!

Tipped over and not so happy about it.

She digs the bumbo.  First time we tried it!

Sometimes she's not the best sleeper.
For her 4 month birthday they got to go to the zoo. Tanner sent me this pic of her. So sweet.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Random 2

Doing a little catch up here with some recent odds and ends. 
On June 11 my dad's work, L3 Communications, had a big open house. They had a bunch of displays and stuff Star Wars themed about all the technology they have. They had different games for kids and lots of cool little take home goodies/toys. They served lunch too and it was actually pretty interesting. Only downfall was it poured rain most of the morning. Still really fun and cool to see everything and get a better idea of what my dad and L3 does. 
This was funny - this character was holding Harvey and after we took the picture he raised him up above his head and at the same time my dad was telling Harvey to give him 5. It happened really fast but you could see Harvey's face trying to figure out how to do that when both of the guys arms were holding him - so then he just hit him on the helmet/forehead. Oh my gosh. It really was so funny. Hope the guy thought so too!
Tanner's dad had pedal cars for all his boys (their kids, really) and has had them sitting in his storage shed for years and years. Tanner decided it was time to collect ours. Harvey loves it but can't quite maneuver the pedaling yet. He looks good in it though!

Harvey got a haircut. From the above pics it is plenty obvious he needed one. I love long shaggy hair and want him to have it but it just really wasn't looking good. 
Sooo handsome now!!!

Tanner and I took Harv to his first theater movie - Finding Dory. He sat through most of it and seemed to really like it. Luckily no one was sitting on our row so he got to wander a little which helped us all. 

My dad and kids and I checked out Wheeler Farm again. He was more interested in the tractors and throwing rocks in the water than the animals but still really fun!
For pictures lately we either get a blank stare, a "CHEESE" face or when I say smile, he does something like this...
Apprently she told Poppy she was thirsty.
 We finished our fun morning off at Costco. Harvey loved all the samples as much as I do!! Much to Tanners disappointment ;)

Other cute pics while mom has been working. 

Life is good :)