Sunday, March 19, 2017

St. Patty's

I still really do love this holiday. It seemed I was kind of in a funk around the time it was coming up and couldn't get my stuff together to really plan anything fancy. It just felt like a lot of work. But really - it still ended up turning out to be a great day! A couple days before I even got crafty with Harvey. Pretty impressive. He was pretty proud of himself, too!

 About 10pm the night before, I ran to Target for some last minute leprechaun goods. See - I really didn't have my stuff together. But I put together a little scavenger hunt and cut out a bunch of shamrocks. Harvey luckily woke up before dad left for work. When he came out of his room he ran into my room to tell me all about what was on the ground. He was so excited. Already it was worth the late night and the LITTLE bit of effort I made.
 I just drew pictures of stuff on there. He went to the mailbox first I think. But dad took him so I didn't get a picture there. Tragedy...really. Haha. So many pictures.

The stash was in the closet - not the most photogenic place (both kids like playing hide and seek in there and throwing shoes around). Again he got SO excited about seeing what was in there. He is so fun. It was then that I realized why kids get spoiled. Not that you have to BUY them stuff for them to get excited because he gets excited over going places and doing things too - but man. His reactions are seriously priceless and it makes me always want to get him stuff.  But fyi, I really did NOT go overboard on this one. There was some green goodies and such. He got a few green cars and a shirt and Greta got a little green "monster" truck.

We then went to my sisters for breakfast. This was the best pancake I got. I used a cookie cutter but it just got too messy so mostly this was the only one that was shaped festively. And spinach for the green - and the win!
 She watched Greta while Harvey and I went and got my Utah driver's license. (He waited really patiently and was so good. I had to take a little test and while I was doing so he called out - You doing okay mom!? And then gave me the thumbs up. So funny). Then we went back and got the rest of the crew and met Heather for lunch at Costa Vida and then Laura and I and kids went for a walk on the Lagoon Trail. The bike didn't last very long :)


 I had traditional stuff in the crockpot for dinner so we came home and enjoyed dinner with dad! Oh - and the SUPER cute clover plant was brought to us that morning by Heather. So sweet! I love it!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Zoo days

We've had a few zoo days lately and there's not a whole lot of dialogue to talk about that other than it's fun. Harvey loves it. And Greta has been so fun with animals and her pointing and excited noises. Harvey says his favorite animal there is the giraffe.


Man I love this picture and his face and posture. So funny.
 This other day we came with my mom and Laura. A little warmer. And still lots of fun!

 This was my favorite part about this day - watching this huge gorilla climb SO high up this tree and break off huge branches and throw them down and just hang out. It was pretty crazy and cool!

Did a side by side of those because she was SUPER grumpy and the second one almost looks like she was happy, but I mostly caught the pic at a good time.
 About to ride the train! He was so excited.

He was SOO tired!
The problem with taking so many pictures is I like all of them and end up deleting almost none. So then it's overload of the same pose. Oh well :)

 These are obviously all out of order. I'm in blog catch up mode and so am not being as particular...

Telling us the way to go.

Not at all cooperating.

And these pics aren't from the zoo but from my mom babysitting while I was in North Dakota. And it was around the same time and it was at the aquarium with Laura and Logan, and that's like the they are getting put here.

 Oh, and my dad took them to the zoo once while I was in ND too.
It really is so nice to live in a place close to family with so many fun and different things to do. And that is all.