Friday, May 29, 2015

Mom and Harv's turn in Utah

This blog is very delayed, just like the Tanner trip to Utah, due to the tragic loss of pictures. You might be surprised by how many pictures there still are, considering everything. Luckily I share a lot of pictures with family, etc. I think we have a good selection of all the stuff we did. But, because this happened a few weeks ago and I'm excited to blog about our new trip, I just want to be caught up. Hopefully I can cut back on my typical long-windedness. No guarantee's though.

I had this trip booked a long time ago. The way my schedule has been with work, I usually have a big stretch off each month. Plane tickets were cheap in May. My best friend was having a baby. My mom was out of school and a family reunion that I love and haven't been to in forever was then. So all the stars aligned and it was just too much to pass up. It was a great trip. The weather wasn't perfect but we still had a great time. My parents picked us up from the airport and we went to eat at Bombay House. Oh gosh. How I love Indian food!

I spent the first few days with my sister in law, Nat. It was awesome to have some good bonding time with her and her kids. And they were awesome with Harvey. Sunday we had everyone come to Nat's for a dinner. It was great to see everyone and hang out. We played at the park and then some joined in a backyard pick up game of soccer. I had some good pictures of that ;(


First skinned knee
I got to meet my friend Brooke's new baby, Alec. So fun. He's so precious and she is so awesome. I love her. And her boys. We got Indian food then too. With the first day and leftovers, I had Indian for 3 meals. Heaven.

Thursday we went to the zoo with Julie and the girls. Kathryn and Laura joined us too. So fun. He was sort of interested in the animals. Sometimes more with garbages and just running around and outlets on the buildings, etc.

On the train, seconds before PASSING out.

After the zoo we went to Liberty park and had a picnic and it was a very happy time!
My dad was so excited to let Harvey try out their 4-wheeler. It did not disappoint. He loved it. And wasn't too happy about getting off, as you can see.

LOVE his happy face in this one!

Then there was a lot of random playing at home and parks with various family members and cousins,
etc. The weather wasn't that awesome while we were there but it cooperated for when it needed to and we got lots of outside time. Harvey LOVES being outside.


Has to go throw the garbage away.

Fun little Rock Band evening...Harv's a natural.

Monday was Memorial Day and every year, my mom's side of the family heads up City Creek Canyon for the day. That was the one day I wanted to be nice because I haven't been up there forever and I LOVE it there. It turned out to be a great day and Harvey was in heaven in the rocks and with the river and just running all over getting dirty. Perfect, perfect day. Could not have been happier. (These are a randomized collection of the day).

In the last 1.5 days that followed, we shopped with Laura and Kathryn, I saw Brooke and baby again and went to Kangaroo Zoo with a really good friend from Savannah. Oh, and we also visited the cemetery. That was a few days earlier though.

Such a great trip. Made me miss Utah a little more than usual but it was happy to come home to the husband. Traveling is more fun when he's with us. Or I'm with them :) But still so fun to squeeze in a trip home! And luckily Harvey was an okay carry on. Love my little travel buddy!