Sunday, December 31, 2017

Misc December

Here's our random monthly post again. My parent's got Greta a camp chair and so they had them out for awhile. Here they are in the woods. As Harvey put it. 

1st coffee table injury.
Just playing.
A visit from Aunt Heather is always a good time!

2nd coffee table injury.
What is more cute than one small baby? Two. Definitely two. I just love pictures of these two cousins that are the same age and so adorable!

Harvey had a little preschool Christmas program. I brought the girls and listened to them sing their songs. It was quite informal but nothing short of adorable. It's weird! Going on preschool fieldtrips and Christmas programs, etc etc. I can't believe he's that big! And next month...PRIMARY. So weird to me!

Here's some killer videos too. And I messed up with my picture taking/videoing on the piƱata. So it's super short. But a reminder that it happened.
The day before Tanner's birthday, my parents offered to watch the kids for the day so we could finish shopping and celebrate the birthday. It ended up being a lot more shopping than celebrating. We started at Sheels and then got yummy smoothies for lunch - then walked out to the car to find this. Drove a mile to a tire place and they fixed it SO fast and didn't charge us. It was awesome. Then we tried Fashion Place Mall. Holy smokes. It took us over an hour to get there on State Street. And it was PACKED. Like every. single. parking spot taken. Kind of funny. Then we got sushi which was AMAZING. And then we saw Wonder. Which was like the best movie ever. Holy cow I loved it so much. Speaking of which, I think I need to buy that one.

We stopped at a few more places and then finished up the night wrapping and watching Christmas Vacation. It was such a fun day. Maybe not the best birthday party for Tanner but we had so much fun shopping and just hanging out without our 3 little distractions. I loved it and I love him. (We spent his birthday having the Niederhauser Christmas party)
And these are all the pics my parents sent us which are all awesome.

Just another cute sleeping Harvey.

Hey mom. Do you want to take our picture?

Happy, crooked, Christmas card wall.

Harvey has really gotten SO good at coloring lately. He loves it and I was just super impressed with this picture and wanted to save it forever. So this is how I'll do that.
My parents watched the kids AGAIN (they are amazing) while I had to work a long day shift. And they appease my great need for pictures and updates all the day long. Love it.

And these pictures of Greta kill me. They capture too much of her brink of loss of her baby-ness. She just looks too old! And sassy. Haha. But so cute. Always cute :)

Grammy can't not buy clothes for the kids - she's showing off one of the newer outfits :)
And another precious little guy.
I finally got a calling after over a year in the ward. I teach the 6-8 (combined class) year old primary kids. This was our New Years Eve sharing time activity. Getting to know all the new teachers since everyone (Except ours...but I was still new) switched classes. Oh my heck. The other team teacher was drooling all over the place and I started laughing uncontrollably. That doesn't happen very often. But I couldn't stop. And wearing that. And crying laughing. A few girls in the class were staring at me really weird. Can't imagine why....