Saturday, July 7, 2012

3rd of July

Tuesday was a pretty exciting day for me.  Although my parents live 2 minutes from Rocky Mountain Raceway, I had never before been to any car races in any shape or form.  They actually have a dirt track up here and Tanner made it to a couple races in the last couple of weeks.  So, he said it was high time I get my butt there with him, so I took off early from work and we headed to the races.  Holy moly it was fun times!  Talk about hick central though.  Spaghetti straps, mullets, fatness, beer, you name it, it was there.  Made for very interesting and entertaining people watching as well.  And the races were so exciting.  Tanner is a little bit of a redneck and was completely in heaven! It was nice having him there to explain everything and help me understand and appreciate what was going on.  They'd go so fast, every turn I was sure there was going to be a massive collision.  A couple weeks ago at the races while I was working, I got a text from Tanner saying that the ambulance was bringing in a guy that had wrecked.  I think he ended up doing ok, but it was pretty crazy. 

You have to wear these safety glasses because the dirt from the track gets flipped up from the cars and blows into the stands. We also live in North Dakota and the wind always blows here, so that didn't helps matters any either.

After a couple hours it started blowing a nasty looking storm the wrong direction; right towards us.  We thought we would be fine, but then a ton of lightning came and it was really close to us.  So, everyone basically took off.
It was a pretty cool storm actually.  We rushed to our car for fear of getting pelted by hail, because on a side note - a couple days before we headed off for our anniversary we had a nice hail storm that sounded like a heard of elephants on our roof all night.  It was insane.  Messed up a lot of cars around here - including Tanner's truck.
Didn't really want to get beat by anything like that.  So we went home, bummed because we didn't get to see the rest of the races and because there was supposed to be a killer firework show after the races. About 30 minutes after we got home, it got nice and so we went back to check it out. The cars were just getting warmed up again and the stands were packed. It was awesome.  So we watched the rest of the races which were great! After the storm passed we had perfect weather and the wind died down. After the races we saw the most incredible firework showr - that started right on July 4th, midnight.  It was amazing.  Tanner and I were blown away by how long and awesome and just mind blowing good it was :)  Especially for a little North Dakota town named Williston. I guess the guy who does them each year owns the only two firework stands in town and only works a couple weeks in July and then he's set for rest the year. Two weeks ago his father passed away, so naturally he dedicated this years show to his late father. It was a 17 minute grand finale, and I think that's an understatement. There's been major fireworks going on ALL over town all week.  Not so cool for Rozzi, though.  We loved it and it was a perfect celebration! 

Unfortunately I had to work early the next morning...but totally worth all lost sleep. Turns out someone else didn't have quite as good of an evening. There was a 21 year old kid that came in about 1am that morning.  Drunk...surprise surprise...and thinking it would be cool to hold a big mortar shell that you put big aerial fireworks in and light a fuse near his man-parts and act like that was shooting off fireworks.  Well, joke was on him when it blew up all said man parts. The doc said he couldn't even tell if he was looking at his testicles or not.  Apparently he pulverized everything down there and that was the talk of the whole hospital the whole next day. Wow. That's all I have to say. Oh, and DON'T light fireworks from your penis.  Usually won't end well.  Happy Independence Day America!

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  1. Oh DEAR!!!! That is QUITE unfortunate for the said "boy" who had a NOT so happy Independence day. BUMMER. Love the stories, ALL of them, and SOOOOOOO good to see you both BRIEFLY. Can't wait to SEE you again.