Wednesday, August 1, 2012


For anyone who knows Tanner, you know he kind of likes golf a bit.  Well, in his last week before starting his new job he's been able to go 3 times.  I'd say he's pretty lucky :)  Williston has 2 golf courses, one just a 9-hole municipal and the other is an 18 holer that is decent I guess.  I'm not a golfer so I won't begin to expand on that.  I do know the one and only urologist in town owns the course.  I guess it was a 9 hole course awhile ago and then he bought it and turned it into what it is today.  He's a cool doc.  There's another one that I think is in the Golf Digest top 100 golf courses and that's about 45 minutes away.  He's been there too.  But anyway - I had my first 18 hole golf experience when I went with Tanner last week.  It was pretty fun.  I drove the cart.  And dabbled in caddy work.  It was fun hanging out with him and seeing him do something he loves so much.  I may have tried to hit a couple of balls but it wasn't pretty.  And the other exciting thing about all this is we have friends!  One of the hospitalists here at the hospital has done a few shifts in the ER, so I've talked to him a bunch and he's really cool.  His wife went to Layton high.  Tanner actually dated her roommate before he went on his mission.  He loves golf, wife loves tennis, they are our age, have 5 kids and are just good people.  Tanner ended up golfing with Sam on Saturday and then again on Monday and after that we met up with the whole family at the park for a picnic.  It was a really good time and they have darling kids and we're excited about the lasting friendship potential they offer :)  They even fed Tanner Monday night when I had to be at work.

It was kind of a like a zoo visit too because we saw lots of critters :)  There was a snake around this little pond that a kid was trying to scare into the water.  We didn't see it though.  Tanner was grateful.

Tanner started his job yesterday and I'll have to have him post about it in a few days when he can give all the necessary details.  But it looks like his schedule is going to be 7:30-4 in the summers...which he pointed out makes a season pass...AND a golf cart even more cost effective and necessary.  He's good ;)  And I believe he's going after work today.  As for any updates on will be day 9 of 11 in a row.  Someone's got to support his golfing habits.  But things are going great.  Not too many gnarly stories to report.  I guess I missed a pretty grotesque leg crushing injury the other day.  I never feel happy for the patients when bad things happen and that's the truth, but if they are going to happen, I feel sad when I don't get to see and participate.  There's ALWAYS a next time though, that's one thing we can be sure of up here! 

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  1. LOVE THE UPDATES....Carissa you are WAY too good to him, I HOPE he knows how LUCKY he is, Tanner??? Do you???? ;)

    So you have a "squatter" eh? That's exciting, I hope it continues to work out for everyone while he gets settled. I cannot believe that Rozzi is 90lbs....are you KIDDING me. WOW.

    AND.....I'm excited to see the new specs on T-bone, also glad he didn't need to be held down for the eye drops.

    Oh and I HOPE for your sake there is another leg crushing episode soon!!!