Thursday, January 31, 2013

This and That

In my efforts to be better at updating and journaling and documenting, I have decided to try and keep a list on my phone of things that happen during the week that might be blog-worthy.  Even though I would normally let a week like this pass without thinking anything exciting has happened, with my new-found note taking skills, I realize there are a few things that have gone on that might be worth remembering :)  There's no rhyme or reason to it, but I think that's okay.  It's just our lives...

I guess I'll start off with some stuff from work.  I definitely need to be better at remembering the excitement that constantly happens there. It just seems that I am getting much more accustomed to the chaos!  They hired a new doctor a few months ago.  Dr. Martin lives in Washington but will be coming out once a month for about a week and a half to do shifts.  He is board certified in Emergency Medicine and is a great teacher and will be great for our little struggling ER.  He always brings about 20 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts when he comes and each shift he works he'll show up with  2.  It's basically amazing.  Or not - because the constant smell of donuts all day every day isn't helping my attempt at sugar restriction.  We've had a lot more uniformity in the docs that come.  We're weeding out the one's I don't like very much and seeing a lot more of the ones I do.  It's nice.  Last week we had a guy brought in that was found passed out in a ditch.  They think he had maybe been there for about 5 hours.  Luckily it wasn't one of the -40 wind chill days.  He got shipped to Minot pretty fast though.  He was extremely intoxicated (hence the passing out in 10 degree weather) and very hypothermic.  Also, his left hand was COMPLETELY frozen.  I've never seen anything like it.  It was kind of creepy.  The bad thing about our hospital and us shipping every bad case that comes in, is that we never hear how things ended up.  I am very curious to know how significant the damage was once things started thawing and if he would lose his hand or at least some fingers.

Speaking of weather's been darn cold here the last couple of days.  Last night when I left work it was -16 and felt like -41.  This morning when Tanner left it was -24 and felt like -46.  Wowsers.  I always figured if things got that cold, you just automatically died.  I'm surprised to find out that that is not the case.  But hot dang is it cold.  Boogers freeze instantly and I feel like my eyeball juice freezes in seconds too.  It's weird.  In a really miserable kind of way.  And then, all of a sudden, it's supposed to be 30 above tomorrow.  That's a serious heat wave.

Anyway - a couple other things about work.  I just recently got connected with the North Dakota Prescription Drug Monitoring program.  It's awesome.  Just something that let's you look up a patient and see what kind of narcotics he has been prescribed anywhere else in the state.  I think I'm becoming pretty good at recognizing drug seekers.  Some might also say I'm getting a little jaded and cynical and losing sympathy.  I don't think I can be blamed though.  You'd be shocked to see the kinds of people we get looking for pain meds and the stories and acting and drama and meltdowns that occur surrounding this quest of theirs.  It's entertaining.  And pathetic.

Someone that really did need pain medicine though was this guy that came in last night.  Drunk driving, rolled his car 20 miles out of town, self-extricated himself from his vehicle, and then layed on the road waiting who knows how long for the ambulance to arrive.  These are the x-rays of his leg.

No bueno.  He had serious vessel injury and his foot was blue and that is one serious break.  He'll be lucky to keep his leg.  Really...I wonder when people are going to learn.  Don't drink.  And definitely don't drink and drive.

Ok - enough about work.  Another thing that has been occupying some of our time is our new (ish) church callings.  I am the visiting teaching coordinator and Tanner is the secretary in the Elder's Quorum.  We have so many people on our ward lists and so many people moving in and out, that all the calling's are difficult, especially one's involving home and visiting teaching!  It's hard to keep track of people and keep lists current because they change dramatically on a weekly basis.  It's been good for us though because we are getting to know a lot more people.  Sure don't envy the bishop or relief society president!

So, before the weather was horrible - there was a couple days of rather lovely weather.  My friend Emily and I took advantage of it for a little bit and took a walk along a bike/jogging path on the edge of town.  The dogs loved being able to be off leash and run around and explore and munch on droppings from other animals.  Yep - gross - but true. Her kids loved the first half but then got a bit chilled on the return.

Rozzi wouldn't look at the camera because she was eating something.  Probably something disgusting. 

I accidentally didn't even help him up because I was too busy trying to get a picture.  Sorry Edison!

Such a cute family! Alex wasn't too sure about the dogs...

Wanna know something funny that Rozzi does?  I will share.  Any time I put on music, and show ANY inclination towards dancing - she comes running from the other side of the room or from wherever she is...and will jump up on me so we can have a dance party.  It's hilarious.  She'll do it EVERY time.  Without fail.  Next time you're around the both of us - I'll prove it to you.  She's awesome.  Samson gets excited too but unfortunately can't quite dance like a regular 4-legged animal.

Well shoot - I guess it wasn't too bad of a week after all :)  Now I will continue to enjoy my two days off in a row.  Perhaps I'll even get dressed!

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  1. I hope you didn't get dressed. NO NEED. Ha. I swear the UPS man who comes somewhat regularly to our house, (for Preston's work) thinks I LIVE in my PJ's. I am always in them. 9am, 1pm, 4pm.......All of the above! ;) Ha.