Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cherry on top

This last week was kind of rough.  For some reason, work went by painfully slow.  I worked Monday thru Thursday which isn't really a big deal, but it just seemed to go on forever. Plus there was just a couple hard things - that I'm not purposely trying to be vague about - just don't think they are blog worthy.  Let's just say, this weekend has definitely made up for it.  Friday I went over to help a friend make some decorations for our St. Patrick's Day party next week.  St. Patty's is my favorite holiday for some reason and has been for probably the last decade.  She was nice enough to let me suggest the party and then host it at her much-more-conducive-to-party house.  She also fed me crepes with creme fraiche and buttermilk syrup.  That could cheer anyone up at anytime!  I was planning on making crepes anyways for Tanner and I Saturday.  My dad used to make "roll-ups", as we used to call them, all the time when we were little and I realized I hadn't had them for a long time, and I had never made them.  Not okay.  She inspired me to add some better embellishments!  Friday night Tanner and I made pizza which he was a fan of.  I always love it when I nail it on dinner.  I'll eat anything - but it's extra special when Tanner can't stop eating it!  Then we went with the Merkley's and got ice cream  - another item that always seems to make me happier.  It's too bad that all the things that work best for cheering me up are food - and unhealthy food at that.  After that we went back to their house and played 10,000 and Rummikub - Tanner smoked us.  He felt pretty good about that.

We had gone to Walmart before while they were putting kids to bed to buy Wreck It Ralph.  We loved that movie.  We also got a few others to add to our growing Disney movie collection.  This is my attempt at capturing a "people of walmart".  We've seen millions of other worthy contestants, but this was the first time I actually got one on camera.  Not as good as some I've seen is Tanner's daily calendar he has at work, but I was impressed...

 Tight shorts, bright blue tennis shoes and a black rhinestoned/spike something "purse".  The real life version was better.

Anyway - Saturday started out great, as I explained a little earlier...

Our lives are definitely going to be changed for the better forever now that I can incorporate roll ups into the mix.

We spent a good bit of the rest of the afternoon working on a new addition to our home.  It's not complete yet - so stay tuned till next week and you can read all about it.  Tanner had a bowling outing with the Elder's Quorum in our ward and I had to play the piano at a baptism later that evening.  Tanner got his new best bowling score - 222.  Way to go!  We got a good bit of snow earlier this week so we were both excited about getting to go use our ski's some more, and actually together.  We slept in (glorious) and breakfast took awhile so we didn't have time to go between breakfast and bowling and everything.  So Tanner suggested we just go at night with our headlamps.  I was afraid we were gonna wimp out later, but we didn't.  We didn't go down in the trees by the river but up to the golf course.  We took Rozzi and she loved it.  There was a good bit of snow there but lots of exposed places that were really icy or just grass because of how windy it has been.  It made it interesting.  It was so cool in the dark.  The stars were awesome and it felt like we were far far away from Williston.  Not that Williston is bad - but it felt like we went on a big, grand adventure and we only had to drive 10 minutes.

That's Tanner skiing up ahead.  I took this pic with my nose cause I had gloves on and didn't want to take them off. 

I couldn't figure out how to get her eyes fixed.  I still think she's cute. 

Oh man, the flash was so bright in the darkness.  We made 3 attempts to not look so goofy, but it didn't really work so don't judge us. 
And now there is Sunday.  Just a wonderful day off.  Slept in, church was good.  Might even take the dogs for a walk.  Maybe watch Wreck It Ralph.  Hard to say.  All I know is we're gonna love it. 


  1. I love your goofy picture. And your food pictures. It is after 11 and I want to eat all those things. Yummo. I'm excited to find out what you are going to blog about next! Oh, and I'm extremely jealous that you are having a St. Pattys party and I won't be there. I will wear my all green outfit just for you!

  2. the crepes look heavenly. YAY you for nailing dinner, we've been married ALMOST 13 years and I don't think I can say that. True story. SAD. Poor me! ;)