Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rendezvous Run

My friend and running partner Larissa told me about this race a few days before it happened and it sounded really fun so we both signed up for it.  Apparently it was the 22nd annual Fort Union Rendezvous Run.  I didn't even know Fort Union existed, let alone that it had a rendezvous there.  So it was going to be a cultural experience all around!  And when we showed up Saturday morning I was SO excited!  There was a big start/finish line, registration lines, and LOTS of people!  So impressed and so happy to have a legit running event in little ol' Williston. 

Our friends the Merkley's were there as well because Sam was running too.  Emily was kind enough to share her pictures with me.  Most of these are compliments of her.  Just gotta make sure I give credit where credit is due.  So they had a kids 1 mile run, a 5k walk and a 5k run and then an 11k that went from Fort Union over to Fort Buford and back.  Here's the 11k crew.
We were running along in a big group of people and then at the 5k turn around 98% of the group disappeared.  Then it was just Larissa and I on the open, windy road.  Except for a lady a little ways ahead of us that kept going the wrong way.  She tried to turn down the wrong road but was redirected and then completely passed the correct turn.  We were yelling and trying to get her to stop but she just kept on a-goin', her and her music.  It was kind of a fun course actually.  You ran out on the main road and then turned into a field with a mowed strip that led to the other fort and then back up a different road and then back to the main road towards Ft. Union again.  And once we got back on the main road - man oh man was it windy.  Yikes.  Not my favorite running weather but we made it.  Victory. 

Tanner and Samson were great cheerleaders.  They were also some good entertainment for Emily and Sam's kids while we were running.

Once we got back they had refreshments for us, which was also super awesome and impressive.  All manner of beverages, fruit, muffins, bagels, donuts, etc.  Well done!  We wandered around a bit at the fort.  Lots of rendezvous-ers dressed up and loving life.  It was pretty interesting. 

 We stuck around for our medals.  Larissa and I both took first in our age group.  The amount of people in each age group is irrelevant. 

The moral of the story is it was an awesome way to spend a morning and see something around Williston that we have never experienced before.  Sign us up for the 23rd annual for sure!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS, my favorite line is....."We each took first in our age category, the amount of people in each category is irrelevant." LOVE it. Glad you had a FUN race day!!!

  2. I was totally going to do that race....had I known you two were doing it. :) We ended up going to Bismarck that day. I'll have do it next year. It does sound like fun. Of course you make everything sound fun here. :)

  3. You are awesome. I am glad you told us about this race. Sam had fun!