Sunday, May 10, 2015

Father son trip to Utah

This was kind of a last minute trip for Tanner. His parents have been trying to sell their house for a little bit and when it actually sold, they didn't have a lot of time to get out of it. Then Tanner's dad had a bunch of health stuff that came up and they were really worried about being able to get everything done in time. Tanner is awesome and felt like he needed to go help. I was already scheduled to work a lot the time he could go and couldn't change it so it ended up being a father son trip. He booked the flight about a week before he went and I think my anxiety and worry and thoughts of missing Harvey were much worse in that week than the actual week they were gone. That was the first time I'd been away from him and I wasn't looking forward to it. And there were a few hard days, but we all survived and it was good for Tanner. He ended up doing A LOT of work. So our sister in law and my parents had some good babysitting time while they got stuff done.

Harvey did really good on the plane. He flirted with the flight attendants and played with the window covers and tray tables.  It sure takes a lot more stuff to travel with a kid. It's ridiculous.
His parent's didn't know he was coming in to town so that was a fun surprise! He got in late Friday and Saturday was the big moving day. All the brothers were there to help move all the big stuff. My parents took Harv for a bike ride with Heather and Kathryn and then took him to the zoo.

Apparently the zoo was VERY crowded and Harvey seemed more interested in the garbage cans, but they still had fun, and spoiled him with a stuffed eagle and bear. And it was all enough to thoroughly wipe him out.

 The bird show was his favorite.
Tanner took Sunday off and spent the morning relaxing with his parents and then the evening playing games at my parents house. Then there are some random pics from my parents. One evening they went up to Logan to watch Ivy play soccer. Harv pushed Payne's lawnmower all over the grass. Then they celebrated Romy's birthday after. There's also some pics from the babysitting adventures at Aunt Nat's.

Not a whole lot of free time for Tanner. He did make it out to golf one day and took Harvey once. He was a great caddy.
Amazingly, they were able to get all the moving done. Tanner said that when he and his parents all walked out for the last time, they all cried. I don't blame them. I didn't even live there and I feel sad about them selling that house. It was a great house and I love the memories we have made in just a few short years. But we are excited for the new chapter for them and a new house to make more memories in!
And after that short week, they were back on a plane.

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