Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

We had a whirlwind of a Christmas weekend. It was so great though. Both family parties were on the Friday before Christmas. The Niederhauser's celebrated at Clare and Berrie's that afternoon. Delicious food, great company, and the traditional greatest hits CD game and ornament distribution and presents. So much fun.

The best I could come up with of the kids table. Haha

A friendly hug - not a choke hold like it seems.

Being wild in the exercise room and I think he smacked his head on Libby or something and got a pretty sweet bloody nose.

It was tough to pull ourselves away but we had party number two waiting to begin at our house! Everyone came up to our place and we had soup and bread bowls and a pretty amazing peppermint cheesecake I made :) We did our family gift exchange and then my parents did their santa-ing to everyone. And we were more than spoiled. Again - tons of fun, chaotic with all the kids, but so happy spending time with family!

I LOVE this picture!


Newest baby, Noah

Awesome plasma cars for all the big grandkids!


 After everyone left, my dad helped us hook up our dishwasher that finally got delivered. It was a bit of a pain and he's the best ever for doing it. Greta helped. And then she played with her new ball present and was being hilarious with it! It was awesome.

Christmas eve we didn't really have any plans. Tanner bought a Traeger :) That was pretty happy for him. We did gingerbread houses that afternoon because we couldn't figure out how to get them made the rest of the month. Clare and Berrie came over for dinner. And then Harvey got to open his Christmas Eve legos and then we put legos together!

Christmas morning was about as magical as I could have asked for! Harvey got so excited and was so cute and fun and funny about everything. And Greta was pretty excited about her stuff too. It was SO wonderful being in our own house and doing our Christmas morning in it with our own tree and everything. Heavenly.

We tried to do reindeer milk but Harvey didn't seem as interested this year. Maybe next year :) I made ebleskievers for breakfast and Clare and Berrie joined us again and it was really fun. That morning we just played and played with toys. We got a huge snowstorm which was really perfect and beautiful so dad cleared snow and Harvey helped. He watched a new movie, Secret Life of Pets, one hour of a really good sacrament meeting, and then I had to work that evening. Can't complain that I got Christmas Eve and morning off! It was a perfect month and a perfect weekend and a perfect day! Kids make everything so much more special and magical and I can't even put into words the joy that comes from seeing your kids happy - whether from spoiling them with toys on Christmas or any other reason! I love it!

Trying the reindeer milk (aka eggnog)

He surprisingly didn't think this was fun or funny.

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