Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Enjoying October

It was a beautiful October! I love Fall. We had a great trip to Escalante as documented previously. We actually had quite a bit of park time but either I didn't take pics or I just didn't upload them. I did realize that I like raking leaves a lot more when there is a kid to enjoy the magic of a huge pile of leaves!

The day we got the keys to our house (October 21, and more on that in a future post) we met my parents and nieces and Laura and Logan at a pumpkin patch in Farmington and then went back to the house to show the fam. Harvey's favorite was the corn pit!

Logan was NOT a fan ;)
They had little pumpkins you could sling shot at either Clinton or Trump. I worked Tanner at it :) Then he worked me at tether ball!

 We've been doing a lot of stuff on the house and so my kids have somewhat been neglected by their parents. One time we were up there working, I took the kids to the last day of Scary Hill for a little break and fun :) Harvey had a meltdown by hole 9 over Greta having some pretzels from HIS sack. And also it was almost gone anyway but he didn't realize that and thought she had eaten ALL of them. It was fun. Then we moved onto other things and he was much better, luckily.

For the last good handful of years we have had a costume halloween party with my family. It was the night before Halloween and was a lot of fun, as always :) I had to work but still got some good food and costume picture taking in. Most important things, right? When Tanner walked up in his costume, Harvey didn't seem him right off. When he turned around and realized what he was wearing...his eyes LIT up and got so huge and he got THEE cutest smile on his face. Like he couldn't have thought his dad was any more cool than he was right then. He quickly walked right over to him and grabbed his hand and stood right next to him. It was so flipping cute. I wish I could have recorded it.

 Both of these pictures are just funny and cute. Can't get 5 little kids to all look and be cute all at the same time. Well, they all are always cute...just not picture perfect.

Characters from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, btw.

Greta's face in this one is so funny. She's over it. 
And then Halloween. Oh man. So much fun. Harvey couldn't have been cuter. Laura and I made soup at her house and then Heather and my parents came up. While we were getting ready a lot of trick or treaters were coming by. Harvey was so fascinated by them and kept telling them all "Happy Halloween!" Once we got going he was  a pro. Ran up to the houses and the first little bit kept yelling Happy  Halloween to everyone. He would say thanks so cute and then run down and tell me he got candy or they gave him a lot or he got a blue one! He started saying trick or treat after a few houses and it was adorable. We went up and down a short street and then headed over to our new neighborhood so Tanner could see them and go to a few houses. It was fun. He was still cute and we met some neighbors and had a good chat! Really looking forward to moving in! Then we finished up at Mimi and Papa's and checked out the spoils. Kids make everything more fun! Sometimes more challenging but mostly more fun!

The dog walker.

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