Thursday, May 24, 2012

Band Day...

May 12.  It might be the biggest day of the year in Williston.  Hot dang was there a crowd!  It started off with a parade.  They even threw candy.  Haven't been to a parade where they actually threw candy for who knows how long.  It was extremely entertaining seeing the kids all around us fight for all the goods.  The paraders weren't skimpy with the candy either.  There were a few kinds of candy I wanted to go after and take a few kids down in the process, but Tanner wouldn't let me.  He was much kinder and more sharing than I was :)  They had bands from all over around here.  Even one from Canada.  There were old people bands and elementary and Junior High bands and plenty of High School bands too.  I probably should have taken more pics, but I didn't know I was going to be a blogger then :)  I think the thing that impressed Tanner the most was the amount of women with tatoo's on their breasts.  Apparently it's the thing to do up here.  We definitely needed more than our two hands to count them all. 

This kid was fiesty.  He and his 3 siblings or cousins or whatever made out better than halloween.  Lucky. 

 There was also this photographer that I WISH I would have gotten a picture of.  I'll let you picture him yourself.  Imagine: 50 year old man about, skinny, kind of balding with a long, wispy ponytail.  Each ear pierced and decorated with a long dream catcher/feather type earring.  He kept walking around us taking pictures of the parade.  Probably some fancy newspaper professional, I'm sure.  The best part was when he would lay on the ground in the middle of the road to capture that special shot - the backs of band players as they walked down the parade route.  Only by the time he got down on the road in his sacrifice-your-body-for-the-cause type way, the band was 20 yards down the road and probably were just specs in the distance.  I bet they looked good from that angle though :)

Then after the parade they had a bunch of vendors selling food and crafts and treats and what not set up at a park near the parade route.  It has a big outdoor stage where they had a bunch of other bands playing throughout the afternoon.  We didn't stick around much for that.  There was also a car show that didn't seem too promising, so we bailed on that as well.  But shoot, there's always next year.  And the next! Happy Band Day everyone! 

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  1. Glad your getting acclimated to your new environment. Do they have an accent there that you will pick up? :-)