Friday, September 28, 2012

"Motor" boatin....

So it's been a little while since we posted last.  I'm finally taking a minute to sit down and catch up on the fun of the last couple of weeks.  Pretty much everything is still going the same - good :)  So we can't complain.  Tanner is really liking his job and I still like mine.  And best of all I start working 12 hour shifts next week so instead of getting 5 or so days off a month I'll be getting 10 plus days.  That is going to be glorious to my heart and mind and marriage!  I had last Saturday off because my friend Larissa and I decided to do a half marathon out in Sidney, MT.  So we've been doing a lot of running together while her littlest guy is in preschool.  It works out awesome and it's so great to have a running partner.  Made those long runs fly by for sure!  So the "race" was really just a walking to wellness thing.  There was a 5k, 10k and half marathon option.  They handed out random numbers, had a little timer thing at the start - and basically just said go at it.  I think there were maybe 50 entrants - 48 of which were women.  And the course consisted of a 5k loop and a mile victory lap - or something like that.  So for the half we had to do 4 loops and then the victory lap.  It pretty much sucked as far as I was concerned.  I think my mind does better with NOT multiple loops and a little more competition and organization and such.  So I wasn't really feeling it and it wasn't my best race - but I think I still did just about as fast or a tiny bit faster than last time.  Really it's impossible to tell because my gps malfunctioned before we even started and I have no idea how long we really ran.  It was close enough to a half, though.  Larissa did awesome and beat her last time by like 15 minutes!  She's a stud.  And another guy from our ward ran it too and he took first.  But his wife and two little kids were there cheering us on as well.  So after we all went to Sunny's cafe for breakfast.  It was kind of a hole and took FOREVER to get our food and they brought out burned, rock hard caramel rolls and our waitress had nasty meth mouth - but it was actually really fun just sitting around talking and laughing and enjoying the morning.  And my blueberry pancakes were awesome!

The anti-climactic finish line
My faithful support crew

Sam Merkley, me and Larissa
 After that we went home and got our things ready for the lake.  We have been meaning to take our dogs out there forever and it just has not worked out for us.  But the weather was perfect and we had the day to do it so we hooked up with the LaPierre's (Larissa and her hubby and 3 kids) and drove out to the lake.  There was this special spot that they liked - kind of away from people but down a bit of a hill.  So Brent decided to take a boat with us so they could boat all the gear over to the beach and not have to hike up and down the steepness multiple times with all manner of food and such.  So we drop them off with all the stuff and the oldest boy, Weston...and Larissa and I and the two younger kids drove to the beach.  We were over there for quite awhile and still had no sign of a little boat poking around the bay they put in at.  Come to find out, they had actually made it quite a ways out when the motor died.  And in trying to fix it - the fuel line broke.  So then, they were at the mercy of the wind.  And the wind fortunately did not blow them further out into the lake, but unfortunately did blow them to the opposite side of the bay where the cars were not.  So we finally got a  hold of them and ended up driving back to where they parked, and walking all the way around to meet them on the other side.  This probably doesn't all completely make sense and it helps if you could see the lake and beaches were we were, cars were and where they ended up - but's still funny.  And when we were walking around - this is what we came upon...

 Tanner pulling the boat with a rope, Brent pushing it along with some huge stick he found, and all just like it's the most normal thing in the world.  Oh man.  Funny.  So once we met them, we just  hung out on that side and dealt with the wind blowing there and made a fire and it still turned out to be an AWESOME and beautiful and fun filled night!  Proof is in the pictures...

Really...who even needs a motor??

Wyatt having fun with the doggies - our dogs were in HEAVEN out there!!

Weston having his turn with the dogs

Momma and Maci

Love this shot of Weston!
 So all in all, even with the motor boat malfunction - it was so fun and the memories are that much more memorable :)  And this week has been good too.  I've worked a lot less and been able to hang with Tanner some more.  I went golfing with him twice - Tuesday we went with Sam and his wife Amy and we just hung out and rode along while they golfed.  Then we had dinner and dessert with them.  Fun Andelin day!  And Tanner got his bowling on again at the league Wednesday - Larissa and I made cookies and took them to the boys.  We got lots of weird looks walking into a smoke filled MAN dominated bowling alley with a plate of cookies and three kids.  Our husbands are so lucky is all I have to say :)  Yesterday I golfed with Tanner again because we were both off kind of early and I even played a few holes.  I think I could maybe enjoy the sport.  The more I go and just watch the more I want to actually play - and I think if I gave it some more dedication I might be able to have some fun!  Who knows...

So life has been good and the weather has been awesome and I just want Fall to hold out for a few more months!  I don't think we will get that lucky.  But it's been fun to enjoy every minute that we can of it!


  1. I laughed out loud when I saw the title of your post! Doesn't that say it all?!? You guys are too much FUN! thanks for being AWESOME!

  2. Wait, they smoke in the bowling alley? What year is it again?

  3. Good times, good times.....Looking SOOOOO forward to you being here in a few more days. YAY!!!

    And I agree with Nikki, where's the clean air act police??? ;)