Sunday, April 14, 2013

A boring and (mostly) pictureless update...

Let's see.  There's been a few blog worthy things that have happened in the last week. Or at least some things I care to remember. I just have very limited pictures to show for it.

Work has still been going good.  We had an interesting weekend a bit ago.  Four gunshots in 3 days.  One was actually a murder outside the strip club.  There was a lot of chaos right after it happened (shocking, huh?) and so the ambulance just grabbed the victim quick and brought him to the ER, but he was already gone.  Then there was a suicide that came in - he made it about halfway to Minot.  He passed away on the plane.  Those two obviously a little more dramatic, sad, pathetic - whatever you want to call it.  Another one was a guy that accidentally shot himself in the foot.  And last but not least, an older guy at the shooting range was trying to teach his sister how to shoot and as he was handing a hand gun over to her, it went off and shot him in the Peter.  Nothing but the finest up here.

Also in work updates - even though my mom might be the only one that cares - we hired a new PA and so now my schedule has changed.  I'll be working 10-10 now instead of 11-11.  Which is glorious.  And I'll work WThFS, off Sunday, work MTW, then off for 6 days.  Then the cycle starts again.  I may pick up another Saturday here or there, but somehow - things are working out that I don't think I'll hardly ever have to work Sundays - which is an incredible blessing that I am so grateful for!  Anyway - it's confusing maybe but it's awesome and mostly I'm excited about a 6 day off stretch.  Although I have been toying the idea around of getting a job with a traveling company that covers some clinics and ERs in some closer towns to fill in some of those days.  Figure while I've got the opportunity, time and energy to work hard - I might as well.  We'll see...

Speaking of Sundays and such - last weekend was general conference.  I love those two weekends a year so much.  Conference is awesome in general, but I love not having to get up and ready for church and to be able to snack all day :)  We had some friends, Sara and Joe come over Saturday.  They used to be in our ward but recently moved to Minot and so we don't get to see them as much anymore.  So they came and we ate dinner and watched conference and hung out.  Sara and I did a puzzle and then when the boys went to the priesthood session, we went for a walk.  We followed it up with frozen yogurt at My Swirl.  We thought how if that frozen yogurt place was in Utah - it would have been JAM packed with men in suits right after priesthood got out, or packed with girls while it was going on.  It was pretty quiet when we went. A tad bit different up here.

The next day I was left to my own puzzling devices.

Rozzi kept coming up to the table and her mouth was just the right height.  She'd set her face up on the table and when she'd take a step back, there'd be 4-5 pieces stuck in her slobbery jowls.  Nice.  Obviously I didn't get them all back...

It was fun to have the whole weekend off with Tanner.  I even had a couple days off at the beginning of the week.  We made our first trip to the racquetball courts in town.  It made my heart happy.  I think he even had fun...maybe we'll go some more.  I'm looking so forward to our new gym - due next Spring - where we can do anything and everything we want all under one roof and one monthly payment.  Now we have to work out, swim and play racquetball at 3 different buildings.

Oh - and it's snowing today.  And by snowing I mean winter storm warning/blizzard in April type snowing.  Not cool.  Oh well.  Life is still good and we have lots to be grateful for.  Hopefully we'll have some better excitement in the next week :)

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  1. My brother shot himself in the hand with a BB gun. I'll have to tell him he got lucky. Poor old man!