Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mini Vaca

Living in Williston means that any departure from here, even a short timed and short distanced one, turns into a little vacation.  What I've also realized, is not having kids or dogs with us means most of the excitement of little things like this ends up without pictures.  No one really cares to see me or Tanner eating or walking.  Unfortunately we just aren't that cute.  But last weekend we did get to steal away Friday after Tanner got off of work.  We spent the whole weekend with our good friends Sara and Joe Lawson.  Some of the things that were awesome were...

-Eating at Buffalo Wild Wings
-Cold Stone.  I'm pretty sure that might be my favorite restaurant. 
-Music (Joe likes a lot of the same stuff that I do, but that Tanner does not :) so it was fun (more for me) to jam out to good tunes the whole way down and back!)
-Temple in Bismarck
-Shopping at the mall - pretzels and golf shirt sales.
-Outback Steakhouse.  Oh man I love those rolls. 
-We got back to Minot and Tanner and I decided we still wanted to see 42 so we left Joe and Sara and went to the theater - only to be disappointed with a sold out show.  Nuts.  So we went to Target instead and shopped more, which was pretty fun in and of itself.  Oh the wonders of the big city :)

So yep - that was it.  Doesn't seem like much but I had a ton of fun.  Joe even showed us some cool fly fishing videos.  Tanner and I are both getting quite excited for our trip in a few months.  Now it's back to work for me for a week.  And in other big news - Tanner got a new job!  He's now a gauger for Enbridge.  He got a bit of a raise and he's excited about learning new things and having new challenges.  This is also a better position for future upward motility too, so that's all good news.  His boss really likes him and he's doing an awesome job and likes the people he works for a lot and the company is just great in general, so we feel pretty blessed!


  1. Yay for Tanner's promotion! That's awesome!

  2. YAY for suburbia or the BIG city, either way......I"m in LOVE with most rolls served at restaurants as well. SOOOOO yummy