Thursday, May 16, 2013

Band Day 2

Well we've come full circle folks.  We've experienced our second Band Day here in Williston.  It was last Saturday but I'm finally having a moment to write about it.  Tanner and I had a lot of fun last year and even though it really isn't the most awesome parade in all of history, it's still a pretty big part of Williston history and it's definitely something fun to get out and do.  This year was especially fun because we actually know people now after living here a year and we saw people we knew in the parade and we sat by some of our fav's from our ward. 

There's quite a few people that come out for this.  I was rather impressed.  There are bands from all over ND and the surrounding areas.  Even Canada.  This year they had a band from Florida that was on America's Got Talent.  Williston's going big time!  They were the first band...

...and they were really good.  I think they played at the park some after but we didn't hang around for all the stuff at the park later.

Apparently it wasn't all just marching bands, either.  Also they had several bands that were just little tiny kids.  It was impressive.  The floats weren't much to speak of.  This one was probably the fanciest...
And then there were a bunch of other random things going down the road.  Some made sense.  Some didn't at all.  Lots of "miss" something or other.  Really random stuff too.  I didn't take too many pictures of those.  But I'm sure it was fun for all the girls to dress up and get the spotlight for a day :)


Our friend's the McBride's and the LaPierre's had girls in a dance class and they got to ride in the parade.  That's them in the front corner closest to us.

These guys were jamming out pretty good.  Tanner appreciated the stache on the guy in the middle.

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I thought this dog looked so funny just hanging out over the side.  Just another truck driving in the parade because it can I guess.
And like that special "float" above...there were a bunch of HUGE semi's driving in the parade and big oil equipment trucks, etc.  Only in Williston.
I missed the a pic of the biggest red oil something.  Aren't you so disappointed you don't get to see it?
It was fun sitting by our friends with kids - watching them all scramble for all the candy that gets thrown out.  Parades are ALWAYS better when there's massive amounts of candy being thrown out.  Alex figured out early that the more you wave the better your chances are.  And Edison refused to look at me but I still love this picture!

So yeah.  Band Day.   Every year with Band Day, they have an old car show.  Last year we didn't go but this year two guys from Tanner's work had cars in it so he wanted to go support them.  So we wandered around there for a bit and then Tanner hung out there for a while with his work buds because I had to go play the piano at a baptism.
After that we went up to the golf course and Tanner helped teach me some stuff while we practiced at the driving range and practice green.  It was fun.  My new Mother's Day clubs came this week and I'm hoping it doesn't rain today so we'll get to go use them.  Anyway...after that we got to babysit for our parade friends - both getting out to celebrate anniversary's and such.  We rocked the watching 6 little kids like pro's :)

And that about sums it up.  Here's to another successful Band Day in Williston. Till next year...

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