Friday, May 31, 2013

Da Gym

A couple of weeks ago I had this thought that I should post about the gym we (I) use.  I suppose I spend quite a bit of time there so I would definitely say it's part of the adventure here.  You'll agree especially after you see the photo evidence of it.  And since it's been raining like mad here this week I had a few good opportunities for getting some sweet pics of it. 

Elite Health and Fitness Club.  It sounds pretty fancy right?  It was one of 3 gyms to choose from here.  The other two were Anytime (Anycrime) Fitness and the local rec center.  I guess the main reason I settled on Elite was because it has some endless pools (I've used them once), and the classes were included in the monthly price (I've gone to one), and it was cheaper than Anytime and significantly nicer than the rec center.

That being's not that nice.  It caters a lot to the older people in the community - physical therapy, been around the longest here, etc.  Which is actually nice.  My later morning time of going there offers very little competition with any of the machines I want to use.  Lots of gray hairs counting laps around the 12 laps/mile track and using some of the "state of art" equipment :)  This is what you see after you walk through the foyer and pass the check in stand.  Always lots of older people hanging out at these tables for whatever reason.  The tiny door you can see on the left leads to weight room.  The next two pictures are of the equipment in the center of the track.  Weight machines to the left...cardio equipment to the right. 

There's a center area in between - room to do free weights or plyometric type stuff in boot camp classes or...if you're the skinny black kid I saw the other day...a great place for grooving to your dance moves in front of the mirror and not working out at all.
That's the weight room.  I always felt awkward standing there taking a picture.  Usually there's not that many people in there but the two times I went this week there were.  Mostly I'd just like to draw your attention to the "ghetto" in these and subsequent pictures.
 Can you tell the belt is slanting a bit to the right?  Not sure I'd recommend any 75 year old to use this one.  Or me for that matter. 
 Um...I'm not even sure what this piece of equipment is supposed to do.  I am baffled by it - but it does make for a great ledge for calf raises. 
 Ever seen any inner and outer thigh machines like this?  Probably because the only 2 left in existence are here in Williston. 
Sweet rowers, huh.  I don't even know if the one on the right functions.  Although the other one works nicely.
Anyone alive remember one of these bikes?  Haha.  Just kidding.  Tanner's family actually had one of these until his younger brother took it to some stoner's place of residence and it was never seen again...until now.  Not surprised the stoners ended up in Williston :) This gym is full of baffling things.  I'm not kidding.  This is just a mere smattering.  Oh - but we do have a climbing wall.  Holla.
 Look out Shane! (My wicked crazy climbing brother in law).  I'm gonna get some mad skillz on this thing. 
Oh crap.  We've sprung a leak.
Sweet pools huh?  They would be if they weren't heated to 95 degrees.  Doesn't make for the most enjoyable swimming workout.  Well - I guess the one time I used them it wasn't so bad because I couldn't swim longer than 5 minutes at a time anyway.  It is hindering my desire to get back into the swimming groove though.

I shouldn't be such a gym trash talker.  I just have been very spoiled by some other gyms in Utah.  Where there's actually water pressure in the showers.  And the water warms up before 5 minutes.  And there's towels if you forget one.  But it really has gotten the job done.  There are a few treadmills that work great and there's enough machines and free weights to do just about anything I need/want to do.  I am just BEYOND excited for the huge new rec center they are building.  There was a sweet video of what it's going to look like but it's not on the website anymore.  Dang.  But it looks awesome.  I hope it is as awesome as it sounds.  It will have indoor tennis courts and volleyball courts and a lap swimming pool and racquetball and batting cages and all manner of things.  All in one spot.  (Right now the racquetball court is in the rec separate, and the lap pool is in the high separate, and only open during the school year).  It's not supposed to be open till next Spring.  Hopefully it will be on time because I am seriously counting down the days.  It's my shining light here in Williston.  How pathetic is that?  Maybe a lot, but all the same...I am looking forward to it. 

And while we are on a little tour of some things in Williston - here's a piece of our classy movie theater.  We had a great double date tonight with the Andelin's - Buffalo Wild Wings - just opened...and then the movie Now You See Me.  Which was pretty good.  Let these pics speak for themselves...

It only costs $10 a ticket to use this gem.  Who's coming to visit?  Just kidding.  Remember my positive Williston post?  Me too.  I still like this place.  There's just some crazy stuff here. 


  1. Wow. That gym looks bad. Also the movie theater?! What! We haven't seen a movie here yet and I'm not really anxious to after seeing those pictures. You forgot about Key Gym. :)

  2. EW......sorry but that movie theater scares me a bit, as does the gym. I am TOTALLY in agreement to countdown til next spring when the new and GLORIOUS gym opens. YAY. YAY. Keep posting though, I LOVE to read all about what I'm missing out on in Williston! ;) Oh and Tanner's text for $10.00 raspberries---YIKES! ;(

  3. Hilarious! You do such a great job of captivating the realities of Williston. I love reading your blog... Always a few really good laughs!

  4. With a climbing wall like that life can't be all bad!! Just one movie theater question .... do your shoes stick to the floor?

  5. I expect you to be climbing V10 by the time you come back here! That climbing wall is AMAZING! Shane will be so proud!