Wednesday, August 7, 2013

North Dakota State Fair Weekend

As we were leaving the fair this year, Tanner mentioned we were on our year of seconds - second anniversary, second band day, second ND state fair, etc.  Pretty crazy that it really doesn't seem like that long ago that we were at this same fair last year.  Like we mentioned last year - this fair is a big deal here!  It goes on for a couple weeks and they get some pretty big names to play at concerts each night.  This year some of the lineup included Tim McGraw, Journey, Creedence Clearwater "Revisited" and Toby Keith.  We bought tickets forever ago, as soon as they went on sale, hoping to make it to a few of them (you buy one ticket and you can go to every concert, basically).  Well, the first weekend I happened to be in Vegas so we missed Tim McGraw, but the next weekend was Toby Keith so Tanner was pretty excited we were going to make it to that.

We busted out of town as soon as Tanner got off of work.  We both were a little more impressed with the fair this year, I'd say.  It seemed like they had more things to see and probably also we didn't have quite as high of expectations as last year.  Tons of food and rides for sure.  They also had a bunch of RV's that you could walk through.  That was kind of fun.  Plenty of booths of people selling bizarre things that baffled us that people would ever spend money on.  We wisely chose to spend ours on Dippin' Dots.  Then we came upon an arena where they were going to have a little stunt dog show.  So we decided to grab some food and sit and eat and watch.  It was short but actually pretty impressive what those dogs could do!

 They told us not to record anything in case we stole their tricks.  Pretty sure no one has or will ever think of that one. 
The lighting was bad so it's really hard to see any of the pictures but this one the dog is jump-roping and it was pretty cool.

Then we wandered around the animal barns.

Showin' off some pretty sweet pigs.

Tanner's favorite attraction - the KKK sheep division.

And then it was time for the concert.  I've never been  much of a fan of country music.  Even with The Highway blaring most of our road trips to and fro', I still don't love it.  Definitely tolerate it a lot more now, but not my first choice.  So I wasn't sure how much I'd like the concert.  We had decent seats and the view of the crowd kept us pretty entertained until Toby started.  Tanner was in heaven.  He played every single song he wanted him too.  And I must say it was a good show.  I like live music most of the time and even country music is better live :) He was a great performer.  Red Solo Cup was a big deal.  Just about EVERY person there had one so when he asked everyone to raise their cups, it was like a crazy sea of red.

We spent the night at our friend's that live there.  We wanted to stay overnight so we could hang out with them because they'll be moving to Denver soon and it might be quite some time before or if we ever see them again.  That's what we've decided is the crappiest thing about living up here.  It's so transient.  People come and go so much and we are meeting really great people and then they keep moving away.  I'm scared we're going to be like the last of our friends left.  Anyway.  That's besides the point.  The next morning we all golfed 9 holes at the course in Minot.  SOOOO much nicer than Williston's.  It's sad.  There were so many trees and it was so green and much better cared for and half the price.
 We accidentally both packed our pink golf shirts.  Tanner was so embarrassed to be matching with his wife.

Sara and Joe Lawson
Then we went to eat lunch at Ebeneezer's, an Irish pub type joint.  Holy moly - it was incredible!  We'd heard great things but this was our first time experiencing it and it did not disappoint.  It might be a regular for us when we go to Minot. Loved it.

Then we drove back to Williston for our second double date of the evening.  We met the Merkley's for another 9 holes at Eagle Ridge.  Emily hadn't been golfing since before her first kid was born and I must say she did quite good.  I am ashamed to admit I did not do good at all.  And the little immature part of me that would always get mad when I played my dad in racquetball and did crappy came out in full force.  I don't know why I get so frustrated.  But I did - and then played worse.  And it was a vicious, pathetic cycle.  That's probably why I don't have ANY pictures of the four of us playing.  Dang it.  We're going to need to go again so I can redeem myself and show that I can suck and be happy at the same time :)  We did get some pizza after which was delicious and fun.  And I think they are both still friends with us so that's good! 

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  1. I was 33 over par! And that's not even considering that I threw my ball a few times. So yeah, I'm pretty much a professional golfer now.