Sunday, August 4, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

I get to spend my work's money to go to continuing education conferences wherever I choose basically.  It's sweet.  Choosing to go to Vegas in July probably wasn't the smartest move, but it was for an ER Boot Camp that my boss recommended I go to, and I was actually pretty excited about the conference too so I signed up for it.  I was a horrible photographer while down there.  I don't know why but I just didn't document like I usually do.  Maybe it was because Tanner wasn't there.  Maybe because I kind of hate Vegas anyway and have been there so many times it's not that exciting to me anymore.  So don't judge the ugly/blurry pics that I did get. 

It was awesome though because one of my good friends I used to work with at ARUP and that actually is the reason I even decided to go to PA school was going to the conference too and I hadn't seen him forever so that was fun.  We both flew in Tuesday (at the same time), the day before the conference started and made our way downtown.  He stayed at Bally's and I at the Flamingo next door (the conference was at Bally's).  Anyway.  We got awesome Thai food for dinner (my FAVORITE...but Tanner doesn't approve of that so I don't get to eat it nearly as much as I'd like).  So heavenly.  Then we rushed down the strip to Treasure Island to see our Cirque du Soleil show - Mystere.  Way cool.  The in between theatrics were really bizarre and somewhat annoying but the acrobatic acts were crazy amazing and cool! I would for sure go to another one.  They said you couldn't take pics and so we tried to sneak on before we were leaving.  But some lady stood up right in front of my one shot at a shot. 
 Nice huh?  They had super bizarre costumes and ladies singing some made up language and this fat old guy dressed up like a baby doing weird stuff and just crazy.
This is an on the move shot outside the theater.  Maybe that's why I didn't take many pics.  Too many people always moving.  It was always awkward to stop and then there were too many dumb people in the way. 
Blurry.  I blame Pablo.  But seriously. He almost got run over just stopping to take this.  Not really worth it in my opinion. 

So the conference was from 8-5 the next 3 days and 8-11 on Saturday.  We had long lunch breaks which were enjoyable.  More Thai, some amazing french dip sandwich in a Paris boulangerie.  And some crappy fast food Chinese.  Oh well - all of the above are unavailable in Williston so everything was heavenly to me and I didn't hold back when I had the chance. 

I shouldn't even include this picture.  It's horrifying but it's us - enjoying the conference in a huge room.  Who wouldn't want to look at a picture of that? They fed us breakfast every morning. Pastries and fruit.  And the course was actually awesome.  Quick 30 minute talks on just about everything ER.  I really learned and remembered a lot I had already learned once but maybe forgot. It was really good for me. 

Another awesome part about the trip is one of my best friends from college drove down from Salt Lake to hang out in the evenings.  The first night we met some friends for dinner who are actually from Williston who were vacationing in that neck of the woods too.  Maggiano's - endless pasta deliciousness.  Oh man.  I was so sick after all that cheese and pasta and goodness.  But I want more of it right now. 
We got serenaded by this guy.  He offered a song and we accepted.  And then we didn't know if we were supposed to tip him.  I thought no.  But he lingered awkwardly for a bit so then maybe we were.  I think it should just be a perk of the restaurant.  But there are no perks in Vegas.  Everything is so blasted expensive it's ridiculous.  Oh well. 

We also got Mexican one night.  Tanner's recommendation.  It was good and my friend Kristen's baby really enjoyed the black beans!

In some of my free time I sat by the pool for about 30 minutes.  No sun after 5.  And it closed at 6.  What?  Dumb.  But it was nice.  I also enjoyed the namesake of the casino.  So exciting. 

Our last night there was a crazy insane storm that blew in.  Like trees on the strip blown over, elevators shutting down, power going off, etc.  We literally thought the windows in the hotel were going to shatter.  It was nuts.  Luckily we had decided to stay in that night and just eat pizza and stay up and talk till the wee hours of the night just like old times.  It was so great.  The next day we had a few hours before I had to go to the airport so we wandered around Target for a bit.  Then she lovingly obliged my great desire to eat Indian food.  That's also my favorite.  I can have two.  Thai and Indian.  I could eat it every day.  So good.  She doesn't love it so much.  But it was a buffet and she found some things she liked and I found everything I liked and was in HEAVEN!  Keira even liked the naan dipped in mango custard (who wouldn't?!).

I did not mess around.  My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it.  That basically wrapped up a great little trip.  So glad I got the chance to go.  Now I'm just looking at more exotic places I can travel to on work's dime :)

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  1. Party with the Andelins in Vegas?! Crazy! It sounds like a fun trip!