Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bismarck Babymoon

Who wouldn't want to go to Bismarck, North Dakota for a babymoon?  Total destination location :)  Haha.  Just kidding.  We didn't really head down there planning on it being a babymoon, but then we realized it just might be the last time we get away by ourselves before February.  It might not be, so if not we'll have a babymoon part two.  The real reason we needed to go down was for some church meetings. Then it ended up that Tanner could take Friday off, so we decided to make a weekend out of it.  Tanner had been wanting to try out the golf course down there - Hawk Tree (number 1 in North Dakota).  And we wanted to look into some baby items.

We actually started off the weekend with an Asian dinner in Williston.  Basil's is a new sushi/Asian place here that we had heard lots of good things.  Keeping my brain and taste buds on Williston standards, it was REALLY good.  Pricey, but delish. 
Tanner bought me this shirt - among many other maternity things.  He's basically awesome and has great taste.  He may have to take over completely with dressing me :)
We didn't mess around - it was our first dinner date just us for quite awhile. 
The next morning we had a doggy date with some friends in the ward.  We wanted to wear out our dogs.  I didn't take any pics - should have - because they were crazy and quite entertaining.  We'll definitely have to be doing that more often!

Then off to Bismarck.  EVERY road within a hundred mile radius or more has construction going on.  Ever single road out of town included.  It's awesome.  But we made it and first stop was the mall.  Tanner got some "essential" golf items.  And then we went to Target and tested out some strollers and other items and got a good idea of things we want and need. We can't help ourselves with little things though - we got some clothes and toys and our 4th box of diapers and Tanner picked out the wee lad's first hot wheels and match box cars.  It was all I could do to keep him from getting  a wagon and big wheel too.  We thought we'd get a crib but weren't stoked on any there.  Then this upgrade also happened - another reason this should be our last getaway ;)

Definitely a necessity.  Our other one was on the fritz, unfortunately.  Painful - but oh so awesome.  After shopping we had dinner at The Toasted Frog.  I'd heard really good things about it and we both wanted to try it so we did.  And I don't think I've ever heard Tanner comment on how amazing his meal was before.  He had filet mignon and I had a yummy "lavosh" - some thin crust/cracker pizza with cheese and no sauce.  It was really good too (and still way cheaper than our sushi outing - we miss living in a normal thing priced city).
I luff him.
After dinner we went back to our hotel (the same Radisson I stayed at in December for my ATLS conference - love it).  We went and sat in the hot tub (my legs soaked) and would have swam more but the pool was so darn cold.  Oh well.  It was relaxing.  The next morning was golf.  Tanner loved the course and my limited golf experience still told me it was a pretty awesome course.  I had fun watching and driving the cart and holding clubs, etc :) I'm nowhere near ready for a course like that!
Lots of cool elevation change.

The range balls were included in the price.  I've never seen them all set up nicely for the golfers before. 

Someone left a cigar in the cart, so why not?  (jk - he didn't really smoke it)

Good lookin' sweater, eh??

All the bunkers were filled with coal.  They looked cool. 
Then we rushed to our meeting after grabbing Taco John's bean and cheese burrito's and shoveling them in our face in the church parking lot.  The meeting was really good for me.  I got good ideas for helping me teach better and get the kids more involved in the lesson, etc.  I'm really glad I went.  And we had a ton of fun together.  It was an awesome weekend.

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  1. LOVE it. I hope you get a babymoon part 2 also though!!! ;)