Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Death and life

It's almost been a year since we got our fish tank. It's been quite the learning experience and we still have a ton to learn. Man we've gone through quite a lot of fish in that amount of time. These guys had stood the test of all the change. 
The little red, white and blue ones were purchased at Walmart in the very beginnig and have really stuck it out. So many others have come and gone for reasons unbeknownst to us. That black and orange one has been around second longest. Then also we have a pleco sucker fish that has been there from the beginning too. He has gotten HUGE! Luckily he still fits safely in the crocodile mouth for most of the time. 
Anyway...Tanner and I decided a few weeks ago we should do a big tank cleaning. So we took all the fish out and rinsed plants and gravel and washed the tank, etc etc. It looked way good when it was done and all the fish seemed quite content with the freshness. Then I got the idea to add some more fish to the tank. It had been quite awhile since we had and we had plenty more tank space so I got a few more at Walmart. 
They were sweet looking things and everyone was getting along so well. Then it happened. A death. One of the new ones died a few days later. Here we go again. And then a couple more looked nasty and I took them out and the next day they were both dead. What the heck. Only the next couple days later when I noticed little white spots on ALL the fish did I realize what was going on. Ich. A parasite that hooks on the fish and their gills and kills everything it touches basically. It can be treated so Tanner stopped that day to get some medicine and we started the treatment process. We only had like 5 or 6 of the 13 left so it was a long shot. Long story less long - they all died. All except the black and orange and our sucker fish. I know it sounds stupid and they are just tiny little fish but it really has made me so sad. It sucked seeing them so sick and day after day them dying off. We loved those little neon tetras. And I killed them all by buying a sick fish from crap hole Walmart. Ugh. So sad. 
But Tanner went to Minot last week and went to the pet store and bought a bunch more. We have a lot more variety and so far only one has died. We think it got stuck to the filter accidentally and not sick. No signs of ich or other problems. Which I hope it stays that way cause I can't handle killing off a bunch more right now. 
We love having a tank. It is so fun to watch them. I just fed them and it's kind of a frenzy. Fish are awesome I have to say :) 

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  1. We may be FISH people, by that I mean, I am probably meant to ONLY adopt FISH. Sorry about the parasite, DAMN Walmart! ;(

    I hope the new fish live LONG and happy lives!!!