Sunday, January 12, 2014

Neighborhood tour

I took these pictures on a walk LAST winter and just never got around to posting them.  And seeing that for some reason I can NOT sleep, why not blog.  And eat.  Perfect combo.

This is our home sweet home.  Welcome to Glen Villa Mobile Home Park.  For the most part, I think the pictures speak for themselves. 

This was the view from the back of our house for a good part of the summer last year.  Classy. 

I think accessorizing is key here. 

We kind of missed the boat on capturing this gem at it's finest.  Holy moly for months it was the biggest junk pile of a place.  It was insane.  They have since moved with the trailer and a newer, cleaner trailer and occupant have taken up residence. 

This is the owner's place and our mail boxes on the left. 

I wish our place was green.

Who doesn't like bath tub accessories?

This is a couple "houses" down from us and is often the yard we find Rozzi wandering around in when she's decided to go exploring. 

This is our front yard.  I think we've had 2-3 different neighbors living in this place since we moved here and almost all of them have graced our yard with miscellaneous paraphernalia. 

So yeah.  That's just a few of the most classic trailer park trailers.  A real live house and neighborhood is going to be like the most amazing and glorious thing ever some day.  For now - we take it all in stride and are grateful we have a warm place to live. It most certainly could be worse! We recently learned a nick name one of our friends refers to us as: The Trailerhausers.   I think it's awesome.  And fitting.  We are getting a shed soon, so we'll have ample space for anyone dying to come visit the North Dakota Trailerhausers.