Monday, February 10, 2014


40 weeks today. That is crazy to me. It went by so fast but also felt like it was never gonna get here. Now that 40 weeks is here and Harvey isn't I feel like he never is really coming. These last couple weeks have definitely been the slowest. And the last few nights I've been feeling contractions that made me think it for sure would be the next day. But then the night and day go by and no baby. Tanner and I are both anxious to have him here but otherwise I feel pretty decent. My maternity leave starts tomorrow and I'd like to have a baby for all my maternity leave. That's the biggest reason I am feeling so impatient. Plus for some reason Tanner and I both felt like he would come early so it makes it feel a tad but longer than it should. Oops. Shouldn't have had any thoughts like that!
The left is 38 weeks about and the one on the right is today. 40 weeks exactly. My doctor offered to induce me tomorrow because of my maternity leave. But that would go against everything I've been wanting and planning for forever. So we wait. If I haven't had him by Thursday, I'll have another appointment and a biophysical profile done - an ultrasound to measure amniotic fluid and movements to make sure baby and placenta are all doing good. My mom flies up Wednesday so that will be awesome. 

A couple of our friends gave us a date night for Christmas. I have been working a LOT of extra hours the last couple months so it seemed like our days off together were very few and far between. My last day of work was Wednesday so we said if no baby, we were going out Thursday. So we did. We ate at Big Willy's. It's actually a pretty good restaurant here in town. 
Yes. The nacho pile really was about as big as it looks. And equally delicious. I keep telling myself my re-dedication to eating well will start after Harvey. For my butt's sake, he really needs to get here!
After dinner we went to the college and walked some laps. Then we went to a movie. The times online were wrong so we were really early. So we had some time to kill and this is what we did:
Lots of fun letters all around a movie theater. 
That night when we came home Tanner had a little surprise for me that he'd been holding onto for awhile. 
W.O.W.  I was blown away. I've never had diamond anything except my wedding ring. He said it was for being the momma to his baby. He spoils me way too much. They are gorgeous. He is amazing. Now we just need a baby to make it all complete :) 


  1. Harvey is just too cozy in there! Can't wait for you to meet him! The diamond earrings are beautiful. What a sweet hubby you have!

  2. YAY for DIAMONDS. Tanner is a keeper, even with that mustache !!! He he……;) I'm late reading and responding so I KNOW Harvey is NOW here…..Hip Hip Hooray.