Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Last of the visitors

My sister Kathryn got to come up for a few days during her off week of work.  I picked her up from the airport last Wednesday and then my dad flew in on Thursday.  It's nice that the airport is 4 minutes from our house!  They were so happy and excited to meet the little man.
 The day my dad flew in we met Tanner for lunch at this little local BBQ joint called Bubba's BBQ.  It's in the basement of the cattle auction.  The food is absolutely amazing.  There's like 3 things on the menu and it smells like manure when you're walking in (and faintly even inside), but it's totally worth it!

PS just about that picture with Tanner, is it's so fun to have a little baby and have people want to see him and to show him off.  That is all.

Also while they were here Tanner and I had to go to Fargo to pick up my car that was getting fixed.  We live in a bad state to own an Audi where the closest dealer is 7 hrs away.  Anyway, it sucked we had to leave while people were visiting but it actually worked out because they stayed home and watched him so we could make a stress free, super quick trip of it.  We caught the train in Williston that left about 7:30.  We got a sleeper car, which was more like a sleeping closet.  Tiny.  Two seats facing each other and then a top bunk that pulled down and the two chairs pulled together to form a bed on the bottom.

 Tanner was kind enough to take the top bunk so I could pump during the short night.  That picture doesn't do the tiny-ness of his sleeping space justice.  Needless to say he didn't sleep a whole lot.  We got into Fargo at 4am about and they had dropped our car off at the train station.  That was awesome so we didn't have to wait till they opened, etc etc.  So we just hopped in the freshly serviced car and made our way home.  We got back to Williston at 11:30.  So not too terribly long to leave my dad with the baby.  And the train was kind of a fun adventure.  I would do it again.  We got dinner even included with our sleeper ticket and met some nice people coming back from a ski trip - Anna and Patrick.  I shamelessly showed them pictures of Harvey :)

Sunday was the first day we took Harvey to church and the first time I had been for the full 3 hours since he was born.  He did awesome and it was really nice to be back.  My dad sneaked a couple pictures of him in sacrament.

We played some games while they were here and my dad made steaks (something I never make so it was a real treat for Tanner!). My dad is an awesome cook.  And it was great just having family around.  I dropped Kathryn off at the airport Monday and took my dad this morning.  Now it's just us - for a long long time.  No visitors on the horizon.  Sad.  But luckily we get to go home in a month! Grandpa will be happy to see him again :)

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  1. That photo of Harvey all wide-eyed in church is seriously THE cutest!