Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St Patrick's Day

Hooray for St. Patrick's Day!  It has survived another year as my favorite holiday.  Maybe that's dumb.  I'm not Irish and I don't drink.  But I love green and I think it is a fun holiday and I've loved it and gotten super excited about it every year for the past...probably 15 years!  This year wasn't as elaborate as last year, but that's okay.  We wore lots of green and my dad got lots of Harvey time while I spent a majority of time in the kitchen baking yumminess.
We had a little photo shoot before we headed to the McBride's for dinner.

 Dinner consisted of corned beef and cabbage and veggies - done to perfection by Nikki.  I took some Irish soda bread and dessert - green velvet layer cake and lucky charm treats.  Woah.  Everything was delicious!

It was another great day with great food, great people, great color :)  Next year I need to step up my leprechauning duties!  I can make the whole month of March even that much more exciting with a kid!


  1. Harvey is such a cutie. And his facial expressions are priceless. Love your updates and all the pics! I'm a huge fan of st. Patricks day! And a child makes holidays twice as fun in my opinion. :) keep up the good work! I've decided babies are hard because for every "rule" there is a contradicting rule.... And one mom's solution is detrimental to another mom's baby. Ha ha!! So I've decided if everyone is still eating and sleeping at some point your a winner! :)