Monday, September 22, 2014

A fun day

Last Tuesday, Harvey and I made a trip out to Minot to see a friend that was in town. Wanna hear the crazy story of how I even met her? Try to keep up. An old roommate and really good friend of mine, Loni, married David, who is friends with Molly. I went to school in Savannah, GA. This one time I ran a half marathon on Tybee Island and Loni told me I should meet up with Molly because she was coming down from Atlanta (where she lives and works for the CDC). So I did briefly. And she was awesome and since then we have kept in touch. And Molly is from ND of all places. So instead of seeing her passing through Atlanta, I get to see her when she comes to visit her family!  She came out this time to run a beast of a race in Montana. She's a hard core runner - like 100 miler trail running type hard core. Woah. 

So anyway. I drove out to Minot and she and her sister and niece and mom and dad and Harv and I spent a couple hours at the zoo. That was the first time I had been there. Harvey seemed to enjoy himself. I didn't take too many pictures. 

Sometimes he was more excited about the bars than the animals. 
But he did watch a lot of the animals and it was cool. The weather was incredible! Could not have been more perfect. I feel like we are actually having a Fall! It's awesome!

After the zoo, we went to a Thai place in town. I've been wanting to eat there since we moved here but Tanner never wants too. So I was so excited when that was the pick. It did not disappoint and Harvey was really good the whole day really. Molly's parents are awesome too so it was just great all around. Totally worth the drive!

I got home about the time Tanner did and we decided to enjoy some family time on the golf course. We've actually gone quite a few times lately and it's great. Savoring the last moments of sunny warm weather. Harvey has been a rockstar too. Just loves hanging out on the grass and driving the golf cart and breathing the fresh golf air :)

I think it is so incredibly cute seeing that little body sitting out there. 

It's sad that these days are fast coming to a close. Trying to brace myself for winter...(it doesn't help).


  1. We still have not gone to the zoo in Minot! It looks like you had a great day! I will have to try the Thai place sometime.

  2. In that last pic Harvey totally looks like you! I guess he does have a bit of his mum in him ;)