Thursday, September 4, 2014


I remember Tanner and I talking after we got Rozzi, that we'd never go back to being a one dog family again. Rozzi and Samson were just such good buds and they entertained each other when we couldn't or weren't :) So after Samson died, (and Harvey took up a lot of attention), Rozzi seemed to be in a terrible funk. She always seemed depressed and melancholy. It was sad. So we began the search. I didn't want to do it while Harvey was too little, etc. etc. Tanner really wanted a golden doodle. As much as we love Roz, we grow tired of the endless slobber and shedding. So long story short, we found the breeder we wanted and their dogs were due to have litters around when we thought would be a good time to get one, when they did, we picked the one we wanted and had him shipped to Minot.
Meet Gus. After Augusta, where they have the Master's golf tournament. He was born on June 28th. We picked him up from the airport in Minot on August 25. Well I suppose technically it was the 26th. We left Williston after Tanner got of work. He was supposed to be in on the 7:51 flight. About halfway into the 2 hr drive to Minot we were told that flight got cancelled due to weather so he'd be coming in at 11:06. We were already too far to come back, so we went to eat, got some essentials at the pet store and wandered around the mall and target for a couple hours. We showed up early to the airport and discovered that the last flight was delayed because it was waiting for the incoming plane. Sheesh. So we didn't even know when or if it was coming. Luckily, it made it. But not till 12:16. We passed the time playing cards. Harvey slept in his car seat. Not ideal. We got to give a ride back to one of the nurse anesthetist's that works at the hospital. Kind of crazy happenstance, but it was nice because we all chatted which helped keep Tanner and I awake. It would have been rough otherwise.

So we got that out of the way. We've now had him over a week and things are going remarkably well. He's a lot of fun.  The second day he peed in the house like 20 times it seemed like.  Just tiny little leaks EVERYWHERE. But even that day, when I watched Gus and Roz play together, it made me so happy we got him. They already seem to be bonding quite nicely. Some of their "play" seems aggressive to me, but I remember Rozzi being like that with Samson. Puppies are so cute. So uncoordinated and spazzy and sweet. He is a lot of fun and seems to be learning really fast. It's funny to me though how rolls have shifted. Rozzi is now the mellow one with a pest for a little sibling, when she fulfilled that roll so well for so long.  Gus definitely seems easier than Rozzi though. He already is getting the "walk over to the door if you need to go out" concept. Seemed like it took Rozzi forever. He WHINED and cried all night the first couple of nights, but since then he has slept through the night. A couple of the times I've been up at 3 or 4 with Har, I've woken him up to let him out. So really not too many accidents after those first few days. I think it's pretty wonderful for a puppy. Not that I have much to compare it to :)

It is really funny watching him play with toys. He attacks that shark pretty good. And he's actually played fetch with me and Tanner a couple of times. Samson loved fetch and Rozzi only went after the ball because someone else was. Fetch just with Rozzi is an impossible task. So I think the park is going to get a lot more fun with the two of them again.

Harvey adores the dogs. He giggles and laughs at Rozzi and he seems equally, if not more, enamored with Gus. He's just the right size. And Gus is AWESOME with Harv. I'll set Harvey down by Gus and he'll grab on his face and ears and skin and Gus just lets him. He gets a little bit nippy but has never made Harvey cry. It's so cute. Harvey seriously lights up when he's watching them or when they come by him. Lots of spontaneous laughing. So much fun!

We are loving our new family of 5 :)


  1. So cute! LOVE the photo of the two dogs on the grass!

  2. I love your new addition! He is adorable. And I am LOVING the name. :) Every kid needs a dog, or two. Super awesome. And he is super super cute. I too think the picture of the pups in the grass is a keeper! Looks like two buddies for life. So very sweet.
    Harvey is getting so big! Such a handsome boy! I still think he makes some of the best faces. :)