Sunday, January 25, 2015

Family Pictures

We haven't had professional pictures taken since our wedding. Harv has been photographed plenty, but not by a real live photographer. We have been wanting to get some family pics done for a bit and we figured while we were home and just before Harv turned 1 was a perfect time. We went to Faces Photography. The photographer is someone that Tanner went to high school with. He did a great job I think. We were really happy with how they turned out. We went up to Tibble Fork Reservoir. A little chilly and Harv was more grumpy than normal, but we got what we needed. The pic above was our favorite and one of the ones we got printed. This one we got printed in kind of a panoramic that we want to put above our bed.
These are the rest that we picked to have edited.

These next ones are just some others that we really like that aren't edited. But still fun :)

 Have to include the next one because there was a fair amount of this. And I think he's still the cutest thing ever. I love the little shape his mouth makes when he cries.
 I love this one of them just gazing at each other...
 Picture day was the first day of Harvey's life that he's actively chosen Tanner over me. He wanted nothing to do with me and only wanted Tanner to hold him. So we didn't get too many great ones of just him and I.
 Some more protesting...

 My face looks super goofy but I love that happy huge grin of his!

Love this little family so much!


  1. I just love these pics! (And don't judge, I'm getting caught up on your blog haha)