Sunday, February 1, 2015

Las Vegas!

In our many attempts to figure out what we want to do with our life, we thought about moving to Vegas. Tanner was in Minneapolis for work last week so I had the whole week off. A company we had looked at wanted me to come down for an interview so it worked out that I could go last week. We decided to make a little vacation out of it and stay a few days. My sisters took me up on the offer to stay in the hotel we got and they drove down and picked us up from the airport. My sister in law couldn't make it so that will have to happen next trip! Harv and I flew out of Minot because it was SO much cheaper. We left Williston during nap time and he slept the whole way. Glorious. But since our flight wasn't till 8 that night, we had lots of time to kill, so we spent most of it at the mall.
Pretty much his favorite thing ever at the mall.
Nothin' to see here...
He was a little difficult on the plane. Since bed time is usually 6-6:30, he was super tired, and by the time he could settle down it was even later and he had a really rough time falling asleep and was really restless. He was pretty cute before we took off. And he is fascinated with take off and landing!
The girls on the road...
We stayed at the Monte Carlo. It was quite nice I thought. Harv struggled sleeping there too. It took awhile to get wound down and settled. The time change kind of killed him. He was up quite early. 4:30 the next day and 5 the next 2 mornings.
I love little Harv's face peeking through here.
So while the girls slept, we spent some time in the foyer on our floor. One of the workers heard him squawking and so he said he needed some shoclat (chocolate). So he gave me a HUGE handful and 3 bottles of water. Haha. Thanks Tommy.
We wandered around the casino and he got busted trying to do a little under-age gambling.
Another early morning we wandered the strip. He was very fascinated by all things Vegas in general. Always tons to distract as we walked around.
Laura was a gem the last morning and played with him so I could go back to sleep for a little bit.
 So that was our nights and mornings. Tuesday was the interview so the aunties got some quality time with the Harvster.

Harv is great at cuddling and giving "loves" lately. So sweet.

Fascinated by snakes, unlike dad :)

He's obsessed with anything water.  

After we met back up together, we wandered down to Mandalay Bay and went to the aquarium. Harv was a titch tired since we missed the afternoon nap but he loves animals and fish. And he REALLY liked the komodo dragon lizard.

See the little komodo peeking his head out? Hehe.

Wasting money on stupid gift shop junk :)
We went to the M&M store after that for a short while and indulged in some sweet chocolatey goodness.

That night we ate Mexican at New York New York. Yummy! Harv was a major spaz with forks and straws and my water cup. I indulged and let him be a tiny bit of a menace because he was so tired. It was funny though.

 Harv also just loved playing around in the hotel.

The next morning we learned from my mom that it was national blueberry pancake day. Sign me  up. That's in my top 5 favorite breakfasts! We ate at the Monte Carlo Cafe while Harv napped upstairs.

Then we went to the Ethel Chocolate Factory and went on the "tour", which was a little walk with no chocolate making going on, $2 single chocotale morsel purchases and a cool cactus garden with weird, somewhat tacky looking Valentine's day decorations.

The weather was fabulous so we went to the park after and Harv was in heaven. Man he loves to be outside.

 He loved the planes that kept flying right by the park before they landed. He loved the birds. And we WORE him out. He was passed out before we got out of the parking lot.
Then some amazing Thai food while he continued to nap. Oh man. Love that so much.
After that I think we just went to the hotel and played around and then the girls went out on the town while I put Harv asleep (they went to a Cirque show the night before). The next morning we just took our time getting ready, went to breakfast at the Paris Casino...

And that was the end of it. Put a bunch of Stoddard girls together and you get at least a million pictures! They took me to the airport and Harv did much better on the flight home. It was so much fun getting to have some girl time. Love those sisters of mine! And I love that Harv got to bond with his aunts a little more. Living far away is hard sometimes!

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  1. This trip was seriously so fun! Another is in order! :)