Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

This is the first year Williston has had a pumpkin patch and we didn't really know what to expect, but I had the Saturday off and the weather was perfect, so we decided to check it out. We went with our friend's the Mabeus' and it did not disappoint. It was in a cool area with lots of trees and they had a lot of stuff that was cool for little kids. Tanner and I were both really impressed and might have to make another trip there before it's over. Hopefully we have a nice long fall like last year!

Lots of cool pumpkins! It was really hard to decide because we'd pick a few out and then see other ones that seemed more cool, etc. etc. I like the 3 we ended up with. Hopefully have some fun with carving them in a few weeks!

They had a big corn box - like a ball pit but with corn kernels. Awesome. Harvey was a little unsure at first and had a hard time walking, but a few minutes into it, he was standing up and taking a couple steps and then would do a belly flop and laugh and laugh and then do it over and over. So funny.

The side effects of a corn pit.
The pit was probably his favorite. But honestly he had a blast at everything; zip line, duck races, slides, tire bounce, hay tunnel, etc. He had fun hiding in the hay tunnel and having me run around to find him - lots more adorable laughter.

Oh wait, maybe the duck races were more of a hit with the adults.

He wasn't quite tall enough to NEED to crouch down, but it was so cute watching him do it.

They had a big rope climb and I bet Tanner $50 he couldn't get to the top. Well, the rule was he had to touch the black tape at the top. I was mighty impressed with how far he got - practically the top - but unfortunately never got that tape. Darn. No dice. Or moola. I couldn't pull myself even off the ground - oops.

Trying a little photo shoot. He's getting better at knowing what's up and not entirely cooperating. He's always good to give out kisses though...

The bobcat wasn't part of the attractions, but that didn't matter to him. Our friends let us go up to their shop after to go for a ride in one. He was super excited about going but once it got turned on and it was really loud, he was a little unsure of it all.

Gotta hand it to Williston. It does surprise us every now and then with some of the cool, legit stuff that goes on, even way up here.


  1. Cool! Might need to check this out before we leave :)

  2. Ummmmm how did Tanner climb that rope, how would anyone?? I'm so glad you went, it looked like a pretty fun pumpkin patch to me. Yay Williston.

  3. Holy cow! That place looks so fun! Love the butt crack shot ;) haha