Thursday, October 15, 2015


This is just a quick little post for my memory. My sister's and my mom and I finally finished our second round of book club (The Stoddard Girl's Book Club). It took us a little longer this round because, well, just because it did. Busy lives! But we are keeping it alive and will start a new round here soon...when my mom announces the new book. For yours and my information, these were all our choices:

Mom - The Rent Collector (awesome)
Me - The Art of Racing in the Rain (also very good!)
Heather - Flowers for Algernon (interesting and very enjoyable)
Julie - Orphan Train (so sad, but really good and well written)
Kathryn - Elantris (sci fi and weird and not my favorite but still interesting. Got a little more sucked in at the end but it was LONG!)
Laura - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (a fun, one evening read. Can't say I've read much by Dahl and I thoroughly enjoyed the style.)

We had a pretty good round this time. Excited for the next one!

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  1. ooo...i just finished a good book. city of tranquil light. it's pretty slow but a really cool should read it :)