Tuesday, August 30, 2016

G-lo is half a year!

This baby. Gosh we love her. So squishy and happy and fun. She's become more talkative and she has the cutest little closed mouth smirk/smile. But you've got to work for them. She's still super stoic/sober as well though. I love her personality. She loves food we have found! Haven't come across anything she doesn't like yet. And she is very vocal about it. When we don't feed her fast enough she will LET you know! It's really funny. I feel like I've taken more pics of her eating...(perhaps they are in the next month?) We are kind of doing half baby food and half solids. She is pretty good at getting the spears of things in her mouth. It's fun to watch her. I remember this being some of my favorite times with Harvey.
Sleeping isn't the best still. She wakes up 1-2 times a night wanting to feed still and is usually up pretty early. And napping has been a little more tricky and inconsistent too lately. Oh well. She's still super sweet!

 She LOVES her brother. And that is probably my favorite thing. Whenever he's around she watches him and smiles. And sometimes when we pull out all our tricks and still can't get her to smile or giggle, all he has to do is walk in the room and she lights up. It is so incredibly precious and I think it's fascinating how they just have that love for each other inside of them. I obviously haven't taught her that. And Harvey is still really caring and kind and sweet to her. Only occasionally will he get annoyed that she has grabbed one of his toys and put it in her mouth :) I hope they are always close.

Greta really loves Logan too and they are pretty adorable when we get them together.

She even got to meet her second cousin, Stella, that is about a month younger than her.

My cousin Natalie has a boy a month older than Harvey too. I wish she lived closer!
Here's just some other random photos taken over the month that are adorable.  And not any pics to really prove it but she has started sitting up on her own this month too!

 Spontaneous church photo shoot...

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