Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Random 5

Lame titles going on with all these miscellaneous posts, but I like having a comfortable place to dump the small pics, so they don't get lost in the void. So many pictures all the time, which I love, but it is sometimes overwhelming. And I think I recently came to the conclusion that I won't be making scrapbooks anymore. I've done like 3 or 4 on Shutterfly, and I LOVE having them. But they are SO much work and I am barely finding time to do much of any extracurricular activities. So the blog is becoming the journal/scrapbook and I'm not going to feel guilty about it. I'm letting it go, not going to stress about it either and that will be that. And maybe we'll get these printed in books someday soon and call it a win all around :)

Harvey and Tanner recently had a race. Harvey was on his bike and Tanner was on the scooter. And amazingly enough, Harvey WON! He's speedy :) Then he got to go for a ride on it.

This is a shame to say, but I built Harvey his first blanket fort recently. We used to do that all the time when we were kids and I have slacked. It was really fun and he thought it was cool and then we ate our lunch together in the big box entrance tunnel.

August 11 we headed up to Park City for the day because Nat and Preston and Mason and Carrie were up there. Carson and Nat also came up and we hung out for the day. It was fun. The weather shut down the slides and stuff for a little bit but Harvey had fun playing with a cousin of his cousins. We got two passes for the alpine slide for him. Tanner let me take him down first and he was so funny. He loved the ski lift, which surprised me because I thought he was going to flip being so high up. Nope - he was trying to stand up and turn around. He got scared when we had to sit on the coaster. But we got him on and he didn't like going fast and there were a few big drops and each time we went down those he SQUEEZED my arms so tight. It was kind of cute and funny. I did get a happy holler out of him though that was THEE best :)
This picture of him is probably one of my favorite's EVER. Gosh he's cute.

Alpine coaster with Ivy. This one was fun!

 My dad created a website associated with a Book of Mormon reading challenge. We had to read the assignment each week and comment something on the blog at least twice a month and then if we did that and finished, they were going to pay for us to go to Lagoon. So that came up on August 12. The reading thing was really cool and I'm actually kind of missing it - it was fun reading others comments and focusing more on what I was reading. Thanks dad for the good idea.
Harvey was fun for most of it. He was a good sport letting us go on some bigger rides. And he liked a few. He got excited to go on some but as soon as they went too high or fast, he freaked out. His favorite, unfortunately, was a plane ride that you got to shoot guns. Yikes. This kid. 
Merry go round got his seal of approval
The fav. He rode it probably 10 times.

Good until he figured out pushing the lever made the helicopter go up and it went too high and he was too hysterical to get it back down.

A win.
A win. Duh.

Major NOT win. Oops. Sorry. And yes that is my kid FREAKING out on the ride.
No bueno.
It was just Laura and Dallin and Logan, my parents and our fam. Cute tea cup riders.
That was about the last one he rode. I wanted him to try a few others but it was past nap time, and I think he was leary. Haha. After a good healthy dose of riding, we walked over to where my parents got a campsite and we had a delicious deli dinner and Harvey got his second wind running around all over the place. Dallin ended up taking of with Logan and I stayed back at camp so Harvey, Greta and I could sleep a bit. The other big kids went and tried to hit as many more rides as they could before it closed. It was so much fun. Way more fun than I remember from the last time I went. I think next year I'd like to go again with just Tanner. I thought I was going to be a wimp on the big rides cause I feel like I get wimpier as I get older, but I was so hard core and wanted to do more :) Next year! Maybe Harvey will be hard core then too. Ha. 

Another Bee's game...this one with my parents and Kathryn. We ran into the Bee man on the way to the playground.
We celebrated my sister in law's birthday mid August as well. Had some fun outside and brought out the hopscotch. We used to have a hopscotch painted on our driveway all growing up. One of our neighbors would paint it on there for us. I have so many good memories of playing it out there. Recently my mom had the same guy paint a new one on our driveway and she picked up a couple hoppy taws (I have some but they are in storage), and we went to town. Whew. It's a LOT more tiring than I remember it being 25 years ago! But good times all around!


Summer is being good to us!

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