Monday, October 24, 2016

Harvey sleeping

So the beginning of August we finally transitioned Harvey over to a big boy bed. He had been used to the crib, obviously, and just sleeping with 3 of his favorite soft blankets. And was used to the confined space of the crib and apparently just the ability to move all over the place. We got him the bed and I worked the first night we got it so Tanner got to put him to bed. We were both worried he would be a stinker and not stay in with this new found freedom. He did great though. And I came home to him in such a funny position, I had to take a picture! 
Well, ever since then, I'd take a look at him coming home late from work or before we would go to bed, and he would ALWAYS be in some new crazy position. No joke, sometimes within a couple of house his head would end up pointing 5 different directions. We bought a side rail pretty quick! I think he may have fallen out once but now I don't really remember. So I've just made it a point to keep taking pictures of the funny or super sweet positions we find him in. I think we've  got a good representation of said positions so I'm actually  getting around to posting all of these. It's probably a little crazy how many sleeping pics I have of him. I'm a creeper mom I guess. But I know I'm gonna be glad to have them and hopefully he gets a kick out of them someday too. He still doesn't sleep under the covers - he likes to sleep with his soft blanket! Duh mom! Oh - and he has done great at not getting out of his bed. Too good actually because for the longest time he would wake up crying. Crying for someone to get him and then just crying because. It was a very painful stretch. 90% of naps he would wake up crying and crying and probably 70-80% of the time in the morning crying. These last couple weeks it has been tipped farther the other way and I love hearing his little body coming up the stairs and him saying, Mom?? Waking up happy is so much happier for everyone, but I have my fair share of grumpy wake ups too ;) 


He used to sleep like this all the time as a baby. I think it is SO funny and I love that he randomly still sleeps like it. 

He is so sweet and there is really just something so beautiful and precious about sleeping kiddos. Melts the mama hearts! 

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