Friday, October 21, 2016

A little about Harvey

Harvey is the best.I have a slew of photos of him from the last several months but the ones I put in here are the only ones I had readily available.
He is such a fun kid. He says and does the funniest things lately. It is so cool seeing his personality more and more. And his original thoughts and observations and inquisitions about life. Holy moly I love it. He doesn't ask why all the time but he asks over and over and over what something is. That can get a bit taxing. He still loves trucks and cars and trains. He loves playing with other kids and going to the park. He loves "mellow's" for breakfast (lunch or dinner)...marshmellow matey's, btw. Loves hot dogs and corn dogs and the color blue. He says doob for good. far for car.

He tells me to stop talking to him or stop saying that qwession if he doesn't like what I'm saying.
His latest is "What?! You kidding me???" if he also doesn't agree with the statement or plan. "No Harvey, no candy for breakfast...WHAT!? You kidding me!. So funny. Oh, and another reaction to things he doesn't like is But I WANT to/it! (as if that's supposed to make a difference). If he does agree with stuff, he says, Otay! That's fine/that's all fine.

He often adds Y to the end of words. Foody, bathy, shoesy's (although he hasn't done that as much lately). He calls underdog's for swinging underpants. And he loves to swing. He's getting braver with slides. Loves sand boxes and diggers.

He is a SWEETHEART! He is so sweet and kind to Greta and aware. He says Tinks (thanks) Momma (mommy) all the time. Melts my heart. He says Sorry mama a lot too. I love his little voice.  He often tries to open the door for me. He reached out his hand to me while camping (while on Tanner's shoulders) to help me down from a large rock drop off on the trail. He gives the sweetest loves (hugs). He always wants to give cheers - with food or drinks.

He loves to help do anything. Clean up poop. Sweep. Make waffles. Scrub the toilet. Etc. He definitely has a lot of drama and meltdowns and is emotionally labile like any 2.5 year old but I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this age. It is so fun. There is so much more I could say about him or some of his great phrases, but I'll just add some pics and put the rest of it in his journal.


 His smile is amazing, don't ya think?

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  1. Loved every second of this post! Laughed so hard at "What?! You kidding me?!" HAHAHAHA LOVE!