Monday, March 6, 2017

Greta is ONE!

This little squishy thing could not be more fun. She has the sweetest, happiest personality and I probably have gone on and on about her awesomeness in the last few month birthday posts. It's still true. She is a lover. And a cheeser. And a giggler. Doesn't gut/belly laugh at stuff like her brother did but she knows when other people are funny, but more importantly knows when she's funny. I can't get enough of her. She definitely has started to fine tune her sass and opinions. When she doesn't get something she wants she lets you know in a hurry. She throws a few more tantrums these days about it too. But really, just like from day 1, she is pretty darn happy as long as she's not hungry or tired.

She is standing up longer but still not walking. Loves to walk with help though! A couple of weeks ago she was in the tub and stood up herself, squatted, and then stood up with no support so I know we're building those muscles for balance and walking! I'm excited. I seriously LOVE babies first, unsteady steps. They are the cutest.

Some other things I've remembered to take note of is your increasing pickiness :) Love the carbs and graham crackers and you love most fruit. You will shake your head and nod, and most of the time it seems like you actually mean what you are "saying". You put phones (remotes, toys, etc.) up to your ear and say "HIII!". It has been sounding like you say "Wow!" Sometimes. Say mama and dada, but only when you want to. That's actually with most things, really. You still LOVE the water and have become increasingly SPLASHY! I basically need to be in a swimsuit when the kiddos bathe! And you still have the squishiest cheeks and I want to kiss them every second of every day.

Here's some random last month pics :)


Cute hairstyle by Aunt Laura

Also compliments of Laura

 I seriously think seeing these kids play together and show affection and concern and love for each other is my new favorite thing about parenting! It is so fun!

Holy smokes, she got SOOO excited about the fish tank at the doctors office for her one year check up. She was squealing and screaming so loud!
She got to open her birthday present early for her party but late for her birthday. We didn't really do anything ON her birthday - well, went to a friend's for dinner but  nothing to really celebrate her. We did decide we'd officially call her birthday March 1st. It was a harder decision to come to than I expected. And weird having her birthday come up because it didn't feel like it WAS coming up - because her real day didn't exist and it was just weird. But once we really settled and decided that's when we'd call it her b-day, it felt normal and okay again. But I think this has been one of the best purchases we've made as far as gifts! Greta and Harvey have LOVED it!

We celebrated officially with her cake and gifts the Sunday after her birthday with my family. It was a fun and crazy party! She wasn't as aggressive as I thought she'd be with the cake, but was plenty cute and got plenty of help from Harvey. I'm pretty sure I had some seriously awesome pictures but it wasn't until halfway through and the front of the cake getting destroyed by brother that I realized I didn't have the memory card in my camera. So sad. These are just randomly placed...


Then we did presents. Everyone from my family was there and Shirley came too. It was so fun and she was so cute. And it was crazy with extra  little cousin and brother helpers :)


Adorable dress handmade by my mom!

Harvey's favorite way to pose for pictures. His "angry" face.
Love her smile!


 All the loot. we hardly bought her anything this year but man oh man she did not go without. She is loved and we are so grateful to be around our family so we can celebrate these fun things with them!
Oh - and here's a couple other cute poses from her "photo shoot"

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