Sunday, June 18, 2017


Andrea is someone I became really good friends with in elementary school and have stayed good friends with even until now. Her and her husband and family moved to Blanding a few years ago because her husband is a physician down there and we had always talked about us visiting. We have always been out of state but this summer, things aligned and I had some time off work and so I drove the kids and I down in the van on June 12. It was like the windiest day ever and it was windy the WHOLE way down. It seriously was the worst ever. I almost would have preferred a snow storm. I was white knuckled most of the way down too. Big vans and big wind don't mix well. We did stop in Price for some Taco Time.
The first main activity we did was checking out the dinosaur museum there. I was pretty impressed with it and the kids had fun. I didn't take too many pictures there.

We spent a lot of time just hanging around their house. It was heaven for the kids because they had new people and toys to play with and so it was just nice to let them roam and play more independently  and let Andrea and I catch up :) Harvey and Ollie got along great and it was so fun to see them play together. Ollie had lots of Blaze toys so that was perfect for Harvey.  And they have a HUGE backyard with tramp and playground and all sorts of great outdoor toys. It seriously was so great...everything.

Probably his favorite thing they had.
Other fun in Blanding included a park, shaved ice, roasting hot dogs and Jonas' baseball game, where Harvey and Ollie rode their bikes around like crazy!

The last day we were there we drove to Monticello and did a little hike with the kids, which was a highlight for me! It was beautiful. The kids did awesome and Greta sang/yelled from the backpack the whole time. Then we got a delicious, somewhat chaotic lunch at a yummy, healthy place in town that I actually can't remember the name, and then checked out a little kid's museum they have in town as well. Really fun day!

I love Greta's head poking through...

Harvey and Ollie were the cutest hikers!

We had such a great time. Andrea is an amazing person and friend and mom and everything and she just makes you want to be a better person by being around her. It was so great to be able to catch up, meet her youngest two, and just have a fun vacation with fun people. The drive back was NOT windy and was much more glorious for that reason. It took us a lot longer. We took a few more stops and hung out in Price for a lot longer this time. Ate lunch at a park and then got a shake. We got stuck in a one lane traffic mess almost to Spanish Fork. It was that way on the way down too, but I think it only took us 15-20 minutes. It took us over an hour this time. Oh it was miserable. And then put us into traffic heading home on I-15. So we met Tanner at City Creek for dinner and to let traffic calm while kids played at the dinosaur park in the food court :) Perfect!

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