Thursday, June 1, 2017

Miscellaneous Spring

I take a lot of random pictures of the kids. Shocking, huh? And I've kind of just been throwing those miscellaneous pictures in random folders with my best attempts at keeping it sort of organized. Miscellaneous spring is the best I could do. Stay tuned for misc summer, fall etc :)

I haven't had the best luck in capturing this pose of Harvey's. But it's one of my favorites. He stands just like this when he's thinking or has something important to say. Often leaning against a wall or door or piece of furniture. So funny.

I'm pretty sure this pic was taken on mother's day. And it makes me happy I'm a mom to these two!

No words...

Love the snuggles

Game party at Carson and Nat's with after fun bath

I love her happy self and great smiles and silly faces

We went through a pretty colorful forehead phase. This was a walk into a chair corner.

"Helping" with dinner

A mosquito bite that he called his watch. He's telling me what time it is here.

I'm also obsessed with sleep pictures

While I was at work he got in trouble and was sent to his room. When Tanner went to check on him later this is what he found.

Oh my gosh these outfits coordinated so perfectly and she looked SOOO cute but would NOT cooperate for a picture.

Eating spilled cereal pieces off the carpet without hands :)
 We met Ben and Julie and Laura and my dad at a rec center in Salt Lake for an afternoon of swimming. Always fun to be in the water!

 Soup kitchen lunch afterwards...

Haha. My kids usually aren't one's to just pass out on the floor - so I always love it when it happens. Just funny to me.
 First great spring day we spent at a great park in Bountiful. Love his happy face being outside again!

 Some pics sent by Laura while she babysat...

Sibling love :)

One of my favorite pics ever

Life is good

 Harv got a new sleeping bag at REI. Testing it out at the store and slumber party with dad in the living room.

 Trying out a story time (there's one other story time we tried but these pics aren't grouped perfectly...and I wasn't going to take the time to make them more organized :) )

 Just because she's cute...

She hates swings!

 Discovering the joy and wonder of a potato bug :)

Happy spring times for sure :)

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