Friday, June 15, 2012

Idiots and........ well just idiots.


So I must make a correction to the post below. Turns out Danielson wasn't such a bad guy afterall. Granted he was high when he was pulled over, and arrested, but it's looking like Dolin shot HIMSELF and made the story up. He just happened to randomly pick a truck (Danielsons) that had driven by him and gave that discription to the police. Sounds like Dolin needs to read his own book when it comes out. Maybe he should retitle it, "Kindness in America: How to ruin not only your life, but accuse another of attmepted murder and get away with it."

Seriously. On a brighter note, The Vegan missed out on some good stuff this morning at work. A suicide with entry and exit wounds, and also a lady was high and drove her car into a ditch. She was ejected and broke her back in a few places, leaving her paralyzed. Oh and as you've probably already guessed, she wasn't wearing a seatbelt, because those don't save lives when you're invincible and high.

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