Sunday, June 3, 2012

Popcorn Farts

It was another busy working weekend.  I'm hoping the more I work the quicker I'll get comfortable with this whole business of ER medicine.  That's most likely the case.  Yesterday was a fun day.  I got to staple and suture and do all sorts of fun stuff.  There were a couple motorcycle accidents and another car accident - 2/3 or those were related to alcohol.  Geniuses.  I think the coolest part of the day was one patient saying he felt more tired than a popcorn fart.  And then not one hour later another patient said that he was thirstier than a popcorn fart.  Can't say I've EVER heard that phrase before.  It made me laugh a lot.  It's pretty exciting being here with people all over the place- lots of fun accents and stories and terms and what not. 

Fortunately we've been able to go to church with all this working - looks like that won't be changing. (That pic obviously was taken during colder times. When I was here for my interview in January.  And it was freezing so it was taken through a dirty windshield, but you get the idea).  I pretty much got my schedule for the next month and probably two months.  Mostly 3-11pm during the week and every third weekend.  Our ward is pretty interesting too.  About 5-15  new people announced on a weekly basis.  It's like 70% male, and about 25% of those people are in jeans and t-shirts, and the occasional pair of shorts.  But it looks and feels just like we are back in a good ol' Utah ward.  We even had a couple people say "aloha!" at the pulpit today.  There are people from EVERYWHERE here!  Last week when we were leaving church - we saw a little dog in the back of a pick up truck get up on the edge of the bed and taking a dump off the side of the truck.  That's a pretty smart dog.  I can guarantee Rozzi would never do that. 

So, we've been trying to get out and be more active, and what not, so Tanner and I decided we should take up tennis. I love to play sports with racquets, and Tanner, well he's another story. At any rate, we went and purchased him a brand new fancy schmancy racquet and have been playing. To be quite honest, he is much better than I thought, and he easily beat me. Oh well. Still lots of fun.

Also, the park we go to is the crown jewel of the parks department up here. It's funny because where else i n the country can you find a park with oil derrick slides, and oil well pump teeter totters? We still wonder what the heck at times, but for better or worse we are slowly getting accustomed to the funny oddities and culture here. Just as long as Tanner doesn't start cussing like the whacko's at WalMart.


  1. Oh that is a NICE park. We may come to try it out!!!

  2. "Popcorn fart" sounds like something I would say...haha. Perhaps I'll take it up ;)