Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sakakawea and Rhubarb

For my first full day off in 9 days, Tanner suggested we explore something outside Williston.  Genius.  So we drove out to Lake Sakakawea - near Lewis and Clark State Park.  Once we got outside of the town limits, it was actually quite beautiful.  Lots of rolling hills and everything was really green.  Both of us were a bit surprised at how lovely it was :)  We didn't go into the State Park - we'll save that for another trip when we can camp and do some of the hikes they have out there.  But we drove around and found a place to drive down onto the beach.  We parked and let out two VERY excited dogs!  Oh my goodness they were in heaven!  The first time we took Rozzi to any water, she was very leery and wouldn't get in deep enough to let it touch her undercarriage.  The second time - at Sugarhouse Park - she was a bit older and a bit braver, but still wouldn't swim.  This time she got all the way in and was chasing sticks and balls but mostly just messing with Samson.  I don't think she cares so much about getting whatever object is being thrown - just that she gets there before Samson.  Because then she usually just drops whatever it was anyway.  She's funny.  And she runs so funny.  Especially in water.  Leaping and bounding like a very bouncy worm or something.  Hard to describe.  Oh - I think I have a video from Sugarhouse park of her.  I do...

So ya - that is how she runs.  It's awesome.  So in the pictures of what actually happened today - you can just picture her spazziness.  We both though it was going to be a little chilly - it POURED like a mo last night!  (Side note: apparently there were flash flood warnings and little tornadoes that happened last night around here.  I woke up in the middle of the night to get rid of some of the water I had downed at work...and couldn't go back to sleep for a bit because it was torrential bucketfuls of down-pouring rain.  And we have a skylight in our bathroom - boo yeah - be jealous - so there was crazy flashing lightning like mad.  It was super cool and I regret that I was so tired and didn't get up to watch the pandemonium.)  Anyway - so it was still cool and overcast and threatening of more rain today...but it turned out to be perfect.  The sun showed itself and it was so fun being in some nature!  The dogs have been passed out ever since.

Monster Rozzi Fozzi-bear paw prints! She's getting HUGE!

And of course, every time they did this it was right next to us where they had dropped the ball or stick.  We were as wet as them...

Love this one of Sams

Kinda blurry but it captures her being a pest

 Worlds Greatest Dog! Don't tell Rozzi
 (we all know parents have favorites)

Sorry - lots of dog pictures.  But they are our kids and they are awesome and we love them :)

In other news - there's not much.  Barely saw Tanner this week because I've been doing 3-11 so he comes home when I'm gone and is usually in bed when I get home.  So it was very nice to have today.  A guy from work, Dr. Brunsman, brought in some rhubarb for me the other day.  I was soooo excited to make my Aunt Julie's rhubarb crisp.  But 4 nights ago, I realized I needed to enter sugar detox, since I've been eating dessert like a crazy person, so I committed to myself and Tanner that I wasn't going to eat any desserty sugary stuff till our family vacation in July.  The next day I remembered all the rhubarb.  Dang.  So I went to my cookbooks and the internet and have found oodles of non-dessert recipes.  First I made a orange, apple, mango, rhubarb sauce - it's been awesome on quinoa, squash, french toast and I'm sure anything else I try it on.  Oh so good.  Then I made some rhubarb bread...also amazing.  And today I made a chilled strawberry rhubarb soup.  That will be a refreshing lunch after church tomorrow.  And then I found a recipe for a rhubarb lentil soup that sounds savory and tart and awesome.  Oh my gosh I'm obsessed right now.  I can't get enough of it's smell and taste and flavor and tartness and goodness.  I think the CEO of our hospital is gonna bring some more in for me on Monday.  What else shall I make???  It's quite a shame Tanner doesn't even like it!

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  1. Looks like a fun day. Miss you guys and the dog faces! Tell Samson and Rozlynn hi for me. :-) Can you scuba dive in the lake?