Tuesday, April 1, 2014


You wouldn't think a temple trip would necessarily merit a whole blog post but seeing it's a four hour drive to our temple...it turns a simple visit into a mini vacation!  Yay!  I was really nervous about Harvey and the drive.  Sometimes he decides he is very unhappy about his car seat.  He cried for a bit once we started because he was hungry and wasn't having his mostly cold bottle from the car seat.  So we stopped and I fed him properly and he did great the whole rest of the way. Hallelujah.
We ate at 5 guys and then headed to the mall.  Again he was a champ.  We got some essentials at Target and then spent some hard earned cash at Scheels.  Tanner and I played racquetball last week and it reminded me of how AWFUL my court shoes are.  And sans baby in my belly, it's time to start running again. So I got spoiled and got two new pairs of shoes. Tanner got new court shoes too.  Everyone wins!
SO excited about them (and we actually played r-ball last night and both of us LOVED the purchases.  Those shoes felt like a dream come true on my feet.  Have yet to try the runners out).

After the mall we headed to the hotel for some hanging out.  Our friends the Mabeus' and a couple other families from the other ward were down there too and staying at the same place so we ordered Jimmy Johns and waited till they all got there.
Then we all met at the pool.  Holy a million kids.  I guess there was some wrestling tournaments going on in town and our hotel was a popular choice.  Man oh man.  Plus the water was FREEZING!  Tanner really wanted to try and take Harvey down the big slide, but the amount of crazy, screaming kids everywhere and the ice cold water deterred him.  Harvey will appreciate that one day.  We did put him in his suit and stuck him in the water for a minute.  Or less.  He decided after about 10 seconds it was too cold for him.  Bummer.  He really likes the water so it would have been fun to have had him enjoy it.

 So we stuck our feet in the hot tub and he eventually fell asleep.I think the picture on the right is funny because it looks like he's flexing his pecs or something.  Tough guy. 

Harvey did awesome that night too.  I have to give him credit because he doesn't always do so awesome.  He took his share of the king sized bed and slept great minus the few night feedings.
Our bishop's family was down for the temple as well and volunteered their oldest daughter to watch Harvey while we went to a session.  Which was awesome so we could go together rather than taking turns.

 Afterwards we met everyone for lunch at Red Lobster then we headed home through Minot and made a necessary stop at Cold Stone (and maybe another trip to Scheels...that was our third :) )
Shopping is exhausting
All lovin', no oven.  Worth EVERY ounce of self restraint I showed all weekend!
It was such a fun family trip, that we will hopefully be making a monthly occurrence :) Harvey also made up for his great behavior by starting to scream the minute we got home until about 3 hours later.  Oh well.  I'd rather have it home than at a hotel or in the car or a restaurant.  We'll take it!


  1. Amazing how one tiny human can make simple trips turn into complex, packing everything you own, needing a trailer to tow it kind of trips. :)
    After that pi of ice cream in pretty sure I need some. :)

  2. SO fun! I'm glad Harvey was such a little trooper, til you got home- ;( Maybe he didn't want to come back either. ;)

    SO SO SO excited to see you in almost ONE more week!!!! AHHHHHHH……….