Friday, April 11, 2014

2 Months

This little munchkin is 2 months now.  And this is like 5 blogs in one, so be ready! (We were just looking through my old baby scrapbook, and there's like 4 pages of baby pictures.  In TWO months we have more pictures of him than I think I have of me from birth to graduation!  Oops!) 
For his "birthday" I took him to the ARC for the "tyke swim".  He loved it.  He fell asleep in the car so I was worried he was going to be grumpy.  But he woke up and we got in the water and he was loving life.  Didn't make a peep.  The water was SO much warmer than the pool in Bismarck and the room was way warm too, so it was a perfect combo.  We just sat in the water for about 30+ minutes until he decided he really was too tired to "swim", so I changed him into warm clothes and he was passed out a few seconds later.  Harvey's friend Lilly and her mom came too.  I love that he loves the water :)

In the last month, he has become exponentially more fun!  Easier, less fussy, and WAY more interactive and "talkative"!  He still has his rough days but he really is so happy.  I need to give him more credit for his awesomeness.  Looking back on the last month, I really don't think he's too terrible of a baby.  Probably just normal.  And we are getting slightly more into a routine.  He takes a short nap or two in the morning and then a good LONG one in the afternoon.  And he's being way better at sleeping being laid down instead of being held.  And then he takes a couple more evening naps.  Evening is still fussy time.  He's not screaming constantly but he's just harder to keep happy.  And the last few nights he's been falling asleep for the night at like 11pm.  Yikes.  We need to do something about that.  Although, seeings as I went back to work this week, it was fun having him awake and smiley when I got home!  He's going longer stretches at night too which is nice.  Speaking of sleep - he's really cute when he does - and he does lots of funny things with his hands.
Post-pool exhaustion.

These photos all happened within 30-45 minutes of each other.

Car seats do NOT look comfortable!

He very often has the right lower lip tucked in.

What else? He still loves to lay on the counter.  There have been few times he has been put there that he has not gotten happy or stayed happy for awhile.  I still don't understand what's so exciting about the bottom of some low-quality fake wood cabinets. 
Like I said, he's getting way more vocal.  He seems to try to copy the sounds we make and what our lips our doing.  He's exploring his tongue a lot too - sticking it out and opening and closing his mouth.  And LOTS of cooing, with lots of different pitches, so to speak (he has a wider range of cries now too).  Oh man, I love it so much!  He's way more smiley too! Lots easier to capture it on camera :)

He still loves his bouncer and seems content in there longer now too.  He is just more aware of his surroundings and much more entertained by them.  He is pretty happy on his play yard too.  Much more than the first couple times we tried that out!

I think he's not gonna have much choice other than to be a dog lover.  Rozzi seems to be taking to him more - as much as she can right now, I guess.  It will be fun when he can be more of a buddy for her.  Sometimes Harvey just stares off into what seems like space for a while.  Then he'll kind of blink and come back to Earth again.  It's funny.
Handsome in his Sunday best.

We got him this bunting but the sizing/timing hasn't been just quite right.

Haha.  But since that time, he's filled it out a tiny bit more.  Tanner put together my awesome running stroller and he's come out in that with  me a few times and has been doing awesome!

He also got his hearing tested on March 24.  He failed on his right side in the hospital so we had to do some follow up.  He passed with flying colors and he cooperated by staying asleep and quiet during it.  Not terribly impressive as it took all but 5 minutes to do.

We visited work one time in his 8 weeks before I went back.  He's hanging with Dr. Martin, one of my favorite docs.  He always brings like 12 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts when he comes for his week a month.  (That's not the only reason he's my fav). He's also who we are staying with in Hawaii in a few months.  Harvey was born on his birthday. 

Here's a "few" more random pics of his last month of life.

He has an umbilical hernia.  Hopefully that will close up on it's own without needing surgery! 
Lilly is a lot more interested in him than she was the first few times she met him. 

Unfortunately this is a common part of life too.

Hanging out with dad.  Even though he goes to bed late he's usually pretty fun right before he's about to fall asleep. 
Love my little buddy!


  1. I want you guys closer so we don't miss all the baby fun!! What a beautiful family. Love you guys!!

  2. Oh Carissa, he is adorable!!! The tyke swim looks super fun. Hope you need me to babysit soon....even to go grocery shopping....hint hint! ;) He's so dang cute!